Think Tank: Power to Influence Decisions and Policies

A think tank can be defined as a research or a policy institute that researches various social topics ranging from economics, political strategy, military,...

Career Counseling and Effects of Modern Technological Developments

India has long been a land of opportunity for the career-minded individual to create a reputation for herself or himself. Emphasizing career counseling opportunities...

TOP 20 Information Technology Companies in India

From the world’s very first relays to Life-sized holograms in augmented realities, we came a long way. And there is always some interesting technology...

What happened to the Windows Phone.

The on-set of 2020s brought in a wide array of new handhelds, from the absurd Mi Mix Alpha to the affordable Galaxy Note 10...

Is ZOOM As Safe As It Claims To Be? We Break It Down.

Is the ZOOM app as secure as you think it is? Read more on the ZOOM app, it's faults and defects, and how it may infringe on our data privacy.

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