Fresh Start-Up v/s Established Company: Which One is Better for You?

Students all over the world compete for success. To earn money, respect and honour is their goal. They also seek equal rights at work and enough opportunities to develop skills. When you are in final year, you are faced with a dilemma. There is one start-up company in your town which offers amazing experience. People working there are no different than you. However, there is another company; not a start-up though, this is an established company with years of experience. People working here are experienced and different in every way. Your future depends upon which company you choose to follow. Over the world, millions of students face such a dilemma. With less knowledge and misguided support, your future could be in trouble. This article is for students who are studying and/or looking for a job. This is where you get your answers; this is where you choose your future.

What is a Start-up Company?

A startup company (startup or start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.
(Source: Wikipedia)

What is an Established Company?

A Company is a legal entity made up of an association of persons, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise.
(Source: Wikipedia)

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]A Startup is all about taking risks and experimenting new things on the edge.[/beautifulquote]

Why you should go for Startup Company?

When you have just graduated from college and are looking for a job, it is wise to start small. You have just entered the world of business and you must be careful. There are a few skills you will need to learn in order to sustain your development over the long run. You must adapt to working more than ever. A Startup demands more efforts and over-time schedules as it grows steadily. You need to interact with people of your age and interests more than people who see this world differently. A Startup offers you flexibility and openness.

A successful businessman or an entrepreneur knows the importance of risks. A Startup is all about taking risks and experimenting new things on the edge. When you are in a Startup company, people know what you are going through because they are the same. You get to choose the working hours and a slight informality is always welcomed. A Startup company gives you the freedom to choose your working style and feel at home. If you seek comfort, with hard work; friendliness with professionalism; freedom with deadlines and risks with reduced job security then Startup is for you.

Fresh Start-Up v/s Established Company: Which One is Better for You?

Why you should go for an Established Company?

Once you graduate from college, it is time to reach out for your dream companies. There are tens of established companies out there who might be in search of your excellence. The corporate companies often seek out the students who can help them grow business and are ready to offer huge package as well. For people who see life in their own different way and wish to start big, this is a good option. However, companies of this scale often expect more than one might expect from a graduate. Similar to the Startup companies, there are certain skills you must possess for landing a job at any of the established corporate companies.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]An established company demands punctuality, discipline and activeness at work.[/beautifulquote]

You must be punctual, disciplined and always ready to work. There is no comfort zone in companies for they need results, and that is the reason you are chosen. An established company demands punctuality, discipline and activeness at work. As an employee of the company, you would have to respect your leaders; however, a slight disrespect might lead to demotion. Compared to startup, where you are free to converse with the head committee members there is less interaction allowed with the lead member of company or say the chief executive for that matter. Companies provide facilities better than startups but demand a systematic approach towards work and management.

How to chose the best fit for your career?

Fresh Start-Up v/s Established Company: Which One is Better for You?There are a lot of startups doing really good. Also, many of the companies are gaining momentum. There is no one correct answer to this question. There are jobs in life when you might want to prefer a startup while at other times you might want to go with an established company. An engineer working at a startup might generate enough output for a city, however the same idea and multi fold implementation might help an entire state or even a country with the support of corporate resources. Internships allow to experiment with various working styles viz. In Office Internships, Work from Home Internships, etc. When pursuing an internship, one comes to know about his/her way of working. Some people get best results when they are working from home for a company. While others might feel maximum energy when sitting in an office, undisturbed and focused.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]Not every person who joins a startup is successful at all times; nor any person who joins a company is well settled.[/beautifulquote]

The choice for the selection of a startup or an established company is but a delicate phase in your life. Not every person who joins a startup is successful at all times; nor any person who joins a company is well settled. The best way is to experiment with different working styles by opting for internships before actual job placements. Another way can be choosing either of the companies and spending a year or two in order to get the required experience so you can choose better, the next time you face such a dilemma.

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