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Top 15 Softwares for Online Classes

Online classes are the only source of education amidst the pandemic. Consequently, online education is in vogue these days. Though it cannot be compared with offline classes, online education is all the more flexible and less strenuous. The applications used are all easy-to-use for both, teachers as well as students.

Some people believe that spending quite a while over the web in the name of education might harm the students. Nonetheless, online learning has been demonstrated to increase the retention of information. It also consumes relatively lesser time and cost as it does not require the hassle of going to a particular venue. In the current Covid situation, that isn’t practical either.

Software plays a vital role in creating a virtual classroom and assigning various tasks to the students.

Here are the softwares that make e-learning expeditious

Google Classroom

Accessing the class notes online
Accessing the class notes online

It allows the teachers to present, maintain attendance and assign marks. Henceforth, almost every school recommends the teachers use this platform. The basic features for students are free of cost but to use advanced features, G Suite Enterprise for Education needs to be bought. There are three paid plans, $3 for Google Workshop, $4 for Upgrade, and $50 for Plus. It is indeed user-friendly as it provides 100 GB of data to the users.


WizIQ is the world’s first white-labelled learning software. Its distinguishing feature includes real-time teaching through an internet browser. Equipped with an HD virtual classroom, it is a cloud-based course builder with unlimited course creation and upload capacity. Also, a virtual whiteboard is available for doubt clearance. But each feature like program launching, blended learning, course authoring. etc costs $20 per month. However, WizIQ LMS offers a 14 days free trial.


Tired of gathering all the study material in WhatsApp? Try Schoology! It helps distribute the study material during the class. Moreover, parents can easily track their child’s progress. Easy to use as it is quite similar to social networking sites and allows the students to have a forum to discuss academic concepts. It is instructor-friendly as it offers a free plan for individual educators. But the students are required to pay a one-time fee of $10.

Adobe Connect

Accessing the class notes online
Accessing the class notes online

Available for both android as well as iOS, this software is one of the most downloaded ones. Being an adobe tool, it provides us with exceptional features like cloud recording, class recording, and even quick polls. It has both, public and private chat modes wherein public chats get recorded along with the session while private chats do not get recorded. Thus, it is one of the top-rated software tools. 30-day free access is offered. Afterward, services like unlimited meeting rooms, document sharing polls .etc are available monthly at $50.

Google Meet

From call encryption to the ability of the host (teacher) to deny entry to latecomers, it is a secured software for online classes. In addition, it comprises an accompanying chat, multi-way calls (up to 720p), noise-cancelling audio filter, etc. Video background replacement helps to maintain privacy and makes the video calls interesting. Though it is free to conduct up to 60-minute long meetings with 100 or more participants, for additional international dial-in, live streaming. etc, Google workshop plan can be bought.


Are you and your fellow mates iOS users? Then, this software tool is an apt choice as it provides 20 GB of storage space along with up to 12 courses. It gives a customized learning experience per class and puts all the materials you need in one place. It enables the teachers to track the student’s work and recording lectures. Teaching is absolutely free of cost through the Apple iTunes application.

Cisco Webex

One of the oldest video conferencing software recently launched a new platform namely, Webex Classrooms. Breakout into small groups and an additional emphasis on moodle(LMS) makes it different from others. It is cost-free for individuals and for up to 50 participants, it charges $14.95/month from hosts. Moreover, the new update includes the real-time translation of the meetings from English to 100+ languages.


Classroom environment as well as access to original and ultra courses! Additionally, it comprises of blackboard assist that provides on-campus internships, preferable tutoring, and whatnot. The course overview contains a course card that provides access to grades, due dates, announcements, content, and room for discussion. It’s surely worth downloading. You can record the video lectures by using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.


An instructor-friendly software that enables the instructor to create online courses from their knowledge. It is also extremely customizable as it involves the grouping of courses in accordance with the curriculum. If you wish to promote or sell your courses, feel free to integrate your favorite marketing tools. The only course provider that is fully free but is limited to one course.

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Talent LMS

Distinguished characteristics like Automated Grading System makes it top-rated by instructors. On the whole, it is excessively user-friendly as it is easy to set up, and guess what? You can share media in any format, a feature we all longed for. Helps create as many sub-accounts as you need with one account, each branch being private with its own courses and branding.


This top video sharing application in China is known for its rapidity. Consumes less data with swift data sharing, easy to use, online training in addition to teaching and many more simple yet essential features. Highly efficient in global real-time video communication and data sharing via either mobile phones or desktops.

Class Dojo

Quizzes, progress reports, and sharing course materials while teaching. Isn’t it as exciting as its name? Having fun while learning is exactly what we need to prevent boredom right? It is free to use for schools and families. However, Class Dojo Beyond School subscription is offered to families that include external activities like instilling manners and personality development.


Provides with Learning Management System along with moodle. Furthermore, it helps the users to share media, interact through the virtual whiteboard, provides breakout rooms. etc. It offers a 30-day free plan before a premium virtual classroom plan at $25/ month that allows up to 50 learners per session along with 5GB free storage and custom branding. The information shared both on the Vedamo account and while paying for your subscription, is secured via high-grade SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption.


Do you usually miss all the pivotal notices? Remind application is your solution. It facilitates regular updates on upcoming events. It also promotes group learning not only among students but also teachers and parents. Furthermore, it helps create unlimited lists and set auto-reminders for periodically occurring activities.


Zoom became prominent in India post-pandemic. Despite facing criticism, it provides synchronous online class sessions. Known for high-quality streaming, it might consume additional data. It gives the attendees a waiting room in the absence of the host that gives the group a few minutes to discuss a bit before the meeting begins. Also, you can customize what the attendees see while waiting. It is free for personal meetings but charges ₹13,200/year for large meetings, social media streaming, and 1 GB cloud recording.

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