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Live Online Sessions Or Recorded Online Sessions?

With advanced technologies, everything is just a click away. Even education has been able to enlighten every nook and cranny via its online content. No more will education be restricted between the four walls of a concrete school. All the more, these online method has been anyways rewarding. The online materials have reached even the oldest pupil. There is no age barrier in the new world of teaching.
Had there been no online sessions, how else could the students cope up with their huge syllabus amidst the unprecedented lockdown? 

Some educational institutions have provided live online sessions and some have resorted to recorded online lectures. With the ongoing online type of sessions, a question pops up. The obvious question which arises is, which one is a better option?

Well, both the e-learning modes have their equal share of advantages and limitations. The way to differentiate between the modes solely depends upon the perspective or the recent need for the same. Some children tend to take their own sweet time to absorb the learnings. While some are more into the fast rat race. Thereby, making sure to attend the regular online sessions.

Live Online Sessions Or Recorded Online Sessions?
Live Online Sessions Or Recorded Online Sessions?

Live Online Sessions


Maintaining decorum and punctuality:

The most important knowledge imparted in schools is punctuality and discipline. Yes! apart from the subjects, these are also very important. Due to the pandemic, the schools are shut. So if something can rightly fit as a replacement for physical classes. then it is live online sessions. Live online sessions provide a virtual experience of sitting in class. Teachers can try and impart the importance of punctuality over the internet. The digital platforms provide the host of the meeting to choose whom to allow and when to allow them. With live sessions, it is also possible to keep a check that students are up to date with their lessons. All the more, these prompt online sessions also allow scope for frequent “surprise tests”.

Doubt clearance and interaction:

In this pandemic situation, everyone is restricted to their houses. Interaction between people has decreased to almost zero interaction. This is a serious blow to the socializing habit of human beings. So here in online sessions come as a relief. These sessions help in interaction. It even provides similar experiences with physical interaction. This benefit of virtual interaction helps in conducting online classes also. Teachers and students can interact freely, thus supporting the free flow of knowledge for better learning.

Live interaction makes the doubt clearance sessions easily possible. Through online sessions, students can also interact amongst themselves to enjoy the spirit of school days. With regular checks and interaction, students have fewer chances of lagging behind when studying over live sessions. All the more, some institutions have implemented digital assignments. To some extent, the institutions are also conducting viva sessions through such platforms. Indeed! The live online sessions have ushered lot many pros to be counted on your fingers!

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Recorded Online Sessions


Flexibility in movement

Well, live sessions do provide a chance to interact, long live sessions may lead to physical strain. Sitting in front of a digital platform and attending eight hours long classes may become very straining for both eyes and back. It has been studied even in the past that working on computers leads to chronic backaches. Thereby, it needs preventive measures. In their workspace people could still take a break for a few moments to relax and stretch themselves.

However, when attending classes in live sessions, it is not possible for students to take the break needed at the desired time. On the other hand, recorded sessions, provide the necessary flexibility. Students can watch the videos as and when required without straining their eyes or back. It also helps them go over any lecture more than once as they wish to. This helps them learn better and also helps them clear doubts by themselves if they have any.

Internet connectivity issues:

Even when the world is topping with technological developments, still internet connectivity is a major issue. People in different nooks and corners of the world, specifically in a country like India do not have access to high-speed internet connectivity. So, for students hailing from these isolated places attending live online sessions become very difficult. For some, this difficulty means absolutely no classes. It has been observed that students from these places were falling behind owing to the situation at hand. Many unfortunate events were recorded as students tried to reach out to places or people for support with their live online studies. Here in the availability of recorded sessions is a very big benefit. These sessions can be downloaded and attended as per the students’ convenience.

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Well, let us understand the undercurrent of all merits and demerits is the perspective of viewing the content. With the varied mindsets of the participants, the advantages keep shifting accordingly. Everything being relatively related to one another cannot be categorically dissected into binaries. For the younger generation, likewise, the recorded online sessions seem better.

With the live sessions, nowadays perhaps the institutions will also do away with the pen and paper examination. However, the online sessions have introduced certain demerits as well. The online sessions have increased the strain on eyes and headache. It is needless to say, the syllabus covered in the online sessions are much greater than the offline classes. Hence, spiraling up the pressure of studying with a timer on.

Off lately, the strangest irony lies in this online mode itself. With the staggering economy, the online mode of education is not available to all. To be precise, not all can afford it. It is true that online education has democratized the world of learning. However, at some point of time, the unifying means has also created a barrier.

Well, it is high time that people try to understand the true essence and beauty of online education. Hand in hand, we must also try to include all students, from all backgrounds in this education system. Let education not be a privilege.

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