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15 Best EdTech Platforms

Do you imagine a classroom full of teenagers engrossed in their tablets, possibly dissecting cyber-bots, when you think of digital education? Without a doubt, this occurs, but Edtech extends beyond K-12 classroom engagement tools and is becoming an increasingly important part of the educational experience.

The Edtech industry, which is still expanding and evolving, comprises any technology that helps children and adults learn. This includes teacher-friendly classroom evaluation tools, education-specific fundraising sites, and reader-adaptive ebooks, among other things.

EdTech refers to hardware and software designed to improve student learning outcomes by enhancing teacher-led learning in classrooms. It has the potential to tailor a curriculum to a student’s skill level by introducing and reinforcing new knowledge at a speed that the student can handle.

Education technology, or EdTech, refers to new technological implementations in the classroom. EdTech offers benefits such as in-class tablets, interactive sessions and whiteboards, online study material, and MOOCs.

EdTech aims to improve student results, promote individualised education, and relieve instructors of their instructional responsibilities.

While many people applaud the use of technology in the classroom, others are concerned that it is impersonal and can lead to data collecting and tracking of both students and teachers.

Here are our top picks of EdTech platforms:

Great minds

What it does: Great Minds strives to provide a profound grasp of the world through content-rich courses as a knowledge company. Each Great Minds course, from math to English, incorporates real-world contexts and core skill development. Thanks to Great Minds’ comprehensive approach, teachers and students can form stronger connections to things that go beyond remembering facts.


What it does: BrainPOP is bringing a more entertaining approach to the classroom to help youngsters better engage with the subjects they’re learning. Students can participate in interactive games, films, and activities to learn more about a topic. Kids can study a variety of paths, from arithmetic to music, while honing their social skills. As a result of BrainPOP’s technologies, learning becomes considerably more engaging and comprehensive.


What it does: Outschool connects youngsters to a simple online platform to create a passion for learning in them at a young age. Students ages 3 to 18 can take a variety of lessons at the company, which cater to a wide range of interests. Students can also take advantage of small group and one-on-one sessions, ensuring that they receive the time and attention they require to learn the content.


What it does: TutorMe gives students who need help outside of the classroom online access to a network of professionals. TutorMe assists in a wide range of areas, from computer science and engineering to English and ethnic studies. TutorMe connects with public schools and libraries for an optimal learning experience, making their services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


What it does: Udacity is an online platform that allows job searchers to obtain job-ready skills that will help them land the job of their dreams. The platform provides people with essential, in-demand skills such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, product management, data science, cybersecurity, and more.


What it does: MasterClass is a virtual learning platform that allows customers to attend online lessons from world-renowned professionals in their field. Masterclass has instructors in fields ranging from cooking to literature, music, athletics, filmmaking, and more, like Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsey, and Annie Leibovitz, who may impart unique insights gained only from achieving life’s greatest achievements.

A Cloud Guru

What it does: A Cloud Guru is a digital learning startup that provides engineers and engineers-in-training with online cloud computing courses. A Cloud Guru’s platform offers courses spanning from the fundamentals of Cloud-focused coding to AWS certifications, allowing students to study in a more engaging atmosphere than traditional online education techniques.


What it does: Byju’s is the best EdTech company that offers personalized learning programmes. Their goal is to make learning more enjoyable for students through their interactions and 3D learning classes. You may study from India’s best teachers and improve your skills on Byju’s. They gained an advantage by reinventing their curriculum to suit pupils studying from home and making their app user-friendly. They began with Science and Math lessons for middle school students, but have now extended to include additional target audiences.

Henry Harvin Education

What it does: Henry Harvin Education is one of the best and most well-known professional development firms that focus on creating value. Its mission is to change individual growth by providing exceptional training and services. They have over 100 courses available in both offline and online formats. They hire the top trainers in the field, and their course curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s labour market.


What it does: Vedantu is an educational technology platform where teachers give students online tutoring. It is an online learning system that uses interactive live sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, and tailored teaching patterns to help students understand subjects properly. 

Whitehat Education

What it does: Whitehat Education is one of the most popular EdTech platforms for children on the globe. They assist children in learning logic, structure, and algorithmic thinking for them to construct websites and apps. You will learn coding from experts. 

Masai School

What it does: Masai School is an ed-tech startup that offers two alternative coding programmes, one for complete beginners and the other for seasoned code professionals. Masai school uses an income-sharing agreement approach, which means you can learn for free and only pay after you find a job that pays at least 5LPA.


What it does: Practically is an EdTech firm based in Hyderabad that teaches through interactive approaches like simulations, augmented reality, and 3D films. practically is a self-learning programme that makes learning more enjoyable, interactive, and fun. This app is intended for kids in grades 6 through 12.

Panorama Education

What it does: Panorama Education, a data analytics firm, specialises in surveys that assess school environment, teacher engagement, student happiness, and other factors in K-12 settings. The team creates and administers surveys (which can be completed securely on a mobile device). The organisation then assists the over 11,000 schools that use its services in analysing and acting on the data they have gathered.

DreamBox Learning

What it does: Dreambox Learning’s adaptive K-8 math programme seeks to make math fun and accessible. Their software monitors students’ problem-solving methods, constantly re-sequencing issues and adjusting difficulty levels based on student achievement. Meanwhile, the drudgery of long division is alleviated by bright images, lively sound design, and other game-like features.

The major goal of Ed-tech startups is to make education more accessible, creative, and affordable for everyone.

FAQ on Top EdTech Platforms

Q: What are EdTech Platforms? A: EdTech platforms are digital environments that facilitate learning and education, often incorporating interactive and personalized elements.

Q: Can these platforms be used for professional development? A: Yes, many of these platforms offer courses and tools for professional skill development and career advancement.

Q: Are these platforms suitable for all age groups? A: Yes, they cater to a wide range of age groups, from young learners to adults.

Q: Do these platforms offer personalized learning experiences? A: Many of them do, with features like adaptive learning paths and personalized tutoring.

Q: Are the courses on these platforms accredited? A: Accreditation varies by platform and course. It’s advisable to check each platform for specific accreditation details.

Q: Can I access these platforms from anywhere? A: Most of these platforms are accessible online, allowing for learning from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Do these platforms offer free courses? A: Some platforms offer free courses or trials, while others may require payment for full access.

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