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12 Creepy Cursed Objects From Around The World You Won’t Believe Exist!

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that objects can bring bad luck and death? If you don’t, you might feel like changing your mind after reading about these creepy cursed objects possessed by spirits that made their owners’ lives miserable. Not only did they bring misfortune to the ones who owned them, but also to the ones who made fun of them, came across them by chance or even touched them. 

Here are 12 creepy cursed objects from around the world, you won’t believe exist!

Busby Stoop Chair

Out there in a museum in Thirsk, is a chair hanging from the ceiling, you may ask why? Well, the legends say that whoever sits on that chair will die!

The story goes that Thomas Busby, the owner of the chair, murdered his father in law over it. Sounds weird right? According to the legend when his crimes were revealed, he was punished to be gibbeted. As his one last wish, he wished to sit in his beloved chair and have a drink. After he did this, he cursed the chair and said that whoever will sit on his chair will die shortly. After this 60 people who sat on the chair died from different things. Even the museum has hung it up so that no one sits on it by mistake. 

Whether the curse is true or not is debatable, but better to stand than risk your own life.

Love Letters Replica

A girl holding flowers, is one of the most haunted paintings around the world, sounds strange right? Well, the story goes that a young 4-year-old girl, Samantha Houston tripped at the stairs of a hotel while chasing a ball. The painting was hung up on the fifth floor as a tribute to her, although the girl in the painting is not Samantha herself.

After this people started experiencing dizziness and sadness near the painting. Some people felt like they were lifted off from the ground, others claimed that the girl changed her expressions and tried to communicate with them. Whatever the reason be, if a painting blinks at me, I’m not going back to that place ever again!

Robert The Doll

Robert, the doll who has brought misfortunes to so many people, resides in Fort East Martello Museum in Florida. The doll is quite popular, has been on tv shows and has its horror movie. He even has a huge fan base where people send him candies and letters. Well, the letters are apology letters, from those who disrespected him in the museum. People working in the museum have heard demonic giggling and seen his expressions change. 

The doll belonged to a boy named Eugene, gifted by a servant. The servant was mistreated and cursed the doll. Eugene, after receiving the doll, found it on his bed one night staring at him. The young boy started crying while his parents who came to rescue him found the room locked and the furniture moved. After this, the parents often heard Eugene talking with the doll and could hear two different voices. As the boy grew up, the doll was locked in the attic, but often found its way to the window sitting in a chair, looking at kids from the neighbourhood.

After the death of the original owners, the doll was found by a girl in the attic, who later claimed that the doll wanted to kill her. To date, Robert has been notorious and terrorizing people who visit him in museums and do not let them picture him. You may try if you dare!

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Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Wanna hear a tragic love story? This beautiful wedding dress is supposedly haunted because the owner, Anna Baker couldn’t marry the love of her life. Anna Baker, a daughter of a true patriarch, fell in love with a man who worked for her father. The couple was doomed from the start, as her father opposed their love and didn’t let her marry him. After her father died, she went out to seek her love, only to find him settled. The trauma led her to go insane, she was often found dancing in the mansion, wearing her wedding dress to a tune playing in the music box. Not only the dress is haunted but also the music box and a lot of furniture in the mansion, which moves by itself. The mansion is now turned into a museum where some people said that they saw the dress move and dance on a full moon night. They have also witnessed Anna’s mothers spirit in a black gown and the screams of her elder brother. The tragic story is full of pain, and it might be true that her ghost is still trying to find her long lost love.

The Mirror At Myrtles Plantation

Inside America’s most haunted house, lies a mirror that has trapped souls within. The plantation is rumoured to be built on an ancient Indian burial ground and has witnessed some gruesome things. The story goes that a slave named Chloe, who was mistreated by his owner, Mr And Mrs Woodruff planned to take revenge on them. Chloe poisoned Mrs Woodruff and her children. Although the slave’s intention was that of making them sick, they ended up dying. There is a tradition that says that if someone dies, all the mirrors of the house should be covered so that the soul doesn’t get trapped within. But, sadly one mirror was not covered and is still haunted. The visitors can see the handprints of the children in the mirror, sometimes a dripping mark that doesn’t go away even after cleaning and a woman in old fashioned clothes. Although it can’t be proved that the spirits are of Mrs Woodruff and her children, the plantation sure is haunted.

 ‘The Anguished Man’ Painting

A harmless painting became a source of something evil when the artist who painted it mixed his blood with the paint. Soon after finishing the painting, he committed suicide. The painting is now owned by Sean Robinson, who inherited it from his grandmother, who told him that it is evil. His grandmother kept it in the attic since she saw a shadowy figure in her home when she hung it. Sean, being a sceptic, hung it in his bedroom, only to notice strange happenings around his house. It all started with loud crying noises in the house, along with mist, cold spots and banging. Soon after Sean saw a black figure at night standing in front of his bed while they slept. His wife also found a strange figure beside her in bed, stroking her hair. The haunting became more intense when their son was pushed down the stairs by a figure.

Soon after the incident, the owner locked the painting in the attic, so that no one gets hurt. I won’t personally keep the painting in my attic, but to each their own I guess!

The Cursed Uluru “Sorry” Rocks

The Uluru rocks in Australia are a world heritage site, but beware! Take photos but do not take the rocks as souvenirs with you. Although the Anangu believes there is no curse associated with the rocks, taking them with you is seen as highly disrespectful. Even though there is a fine of 8500$ for taking these rocks, some people still take them anyway, only to return them. The park receives a lot of the rocks returned in mails, with apology letters claiming that the rocks have brought them misfortunes and ill health. Some tourists even come to return them in person, to get rid of the bad luck they were showered upon by just keeping a piece of rock.

Curse or not, but if a rock can bring so much bad luck, why take the risk!

Basano Vase

A Vase that looks harmless has brought death to every person who possessed it, sounds terrifying? Well, the story lacks details but the vase was gifted as a wedding gift to a bride who died before her wedding, as the vase was passed on to other family members, they died as well. Considering it is cursed, the family members dug the vase in a remote location and left it. It later was discovered by a man, who paid no attention to the warning that was with the vase, that it brings death. The vase brought more deaths along its way and now its origin is unknown. Some say it is hidden somewhere so that no one tries to possess it, others believe it’s in some holy place for safety. Whatever the reason be, I hope no one tries digging around to find it!

The Hands Resist Him Painting

An artistic self-portrait painted by Bill Stoneham soon became very popular on eBay as the haunted painting. The painting has a boy, a 5-year-old with a life-sized creepy doll who is supposed to take him to the dream world through the glass separating them both from the hands coming towards them. Sounds unique but not that creepy?

Well, all the owners experienced nightmares and reported that the painting came to life at night. The boy and the doll come out of the painting, and the doll even fights with the boy pointing a gun at him. The haunting doesn’t end here, it is said that whoever prints the painting or views it online, experiences strange paranormal events, feels nauseous and sick. (my laptop shut down apparently while viewing it). Even children who view the painting have nightmares and scream!

The Woman of Lemb

A limestone statue believed to be Cypriot fertility goddess soon acquired another name, “the goddess of death”. All the families who owned it died within a few years, the last family who owned it donated it to a museum and the curator died after one year due to mysterious circumstances. The statue is still in a heavy glass box inside the museum, whether it’s just a mere coincidence or a deadly curse, I wouldn’t want to touch and find out!

Letta The Gypsy Doll

A doll made of human hair, wood and glass eyes called Letta was made by a Romanichal gypsy for his son with immense love. The son often complained that the doll talked to him, but soon after he drowned while playing outside with the doll. It is believed that the son’s soul is now trapped within the doll and hence the name “Letta Me Out” became popular. Many people claimed that the doll talked to their kids and moved on its own. A lot of people also felt immense grief and started crying for no reason when they came in contact with the doll. Even the animals can sense something and often try to attack the doll. Kerry Walton, who now owns the doll, takes it out to showcase it, and he claims that every time he takes the doll out, it rains.

Annabelle Doll

Who hasn’t heard of Annabelle, the doll who possessed the spirit of a young girl who died in a fatal accident? Well, although the movies have a lot of elements that are completely fiction, not everything is a lie. Annabelle did haunt the nurses and rather kept in Ed and Lorraine’s museum. The doll which looks not so frightening in real life is responsible for near-death experiences and is caged in the box sealed with prayers with the words of caution “ Do Not Open Positively”. It is still one of the most dangerous objects in the museum.

People who made fun of the doll or disrespected it, had near-death experiences, most road accidents. The doll is said to be possessed by a very evil force and is not to be toyed with. Recently, there were rumours that the doll was stolen from the museum, but Relax! its still safely sealed inside.

Hope you loved this spooky information, and Beware! These objects are not to be made fun of in any way. Don’t spend a lot of time staring at the cursed paintings online, as it may make you feel nauseous.

Scary Dreams!

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