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The 10 Best Business Podcasts of 2022

The New Year is approaching soon and with that comes the urge to grow and become the best version of yourself. If you’re a businessman or an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming of reaching new heights, then business podcasts will be your saviour.

If you want to come out victorious, you need to know your enemy. It’s always wise to take your first step armed with as much knowledge as possible. And podcasts have made this so much easier. They give you a glimpse into the minds of some of the most successful people in the field.

Have the courage to be disliked. Quote. Quotes.
Have the courage to be disliked. Quote. Quotes.

Sound too good to be true, right? But there is just one problem. There are so many podcasts available on different websites and apps. How do we know which one to pick and where to start?

Well, don’t worry. To make your task even easier, we’ve gathered all the info on the top 10 business podcasts of 2022.

Just go through them and pick your winner. You are sure to find a gem in this list!

1) Business Wars

Business Podcast

The world of business is a war of strategies and this podcast will take you through the battles fought between some of the top players in various industries – some very obvious, like Adidas vs Nike or Toyota vs Honda, and some you may have never thought of, like Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun.

The podcast doesn’t just brush aside each topic but delves deeply into each pair of competitors in 4 – 5 episodes. If you want to get a peek into the tricks that led many companies to victory or demise, then look no further.

Host: David. D. Brown

Available On: Spotify, Wondery, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn

2) We Study Billionaires

This treasure – a product of The Investors Podcast – focuses on studying and interviewing successful billionaires like Bill Gates, Howard Marks and Warren Buffet, and teaching you to apply these same investment principles.

Hosts: Stig Brodersen, Trey Lockerbie, and Clay Finck

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, Amazon Music

3) The Goal Digger Business Podcast

Are you wondering if you should leave your normal 9 – 5 job? What is this passive income that everyone is talking about? And how exactly can I make some cash online?

Here, you will find answers to all these questions. Whether it be your queries about business or productivity, this live workshop-style podcast has got it all covered. With over 600+ episodes and hundreds of downloads, this podcast brings you tips from various experts as well.

Host: Jenna Kutcher

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Gaana, Stitcher, Hubspot

4) The Ramsey Show

This caller-driven show has only one aim – to give realistic problems to your realistic solutions. Through this show, the callers as well as the audience are able to get professional advice from many experts on debt, finance, career, etc. The show which started back in 1992 has reached and helped thousands of people today. This is one of the best business podcasts of all times.

Hosts: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Dr John Delony, George Kamel, Kristina Ellis, Ken Coleman, and many more experts

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, iHeart

5) Brown Ambition

If you have any questions about life, investing or navigating your work and career then you might want to tune in to this one. This podcast also brings in the much-needed perspectives and advice of women of colour and tries to create a space that helps them feel valued and grow.

Hosts: Mandi Woodruff & Tiffany Aliche

Available On: Spotify, YouTube, Audible

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6) The $100 MBA Show

This is not just a podcast. These 15-20 minutes bite-sized nuggets of wisdom offer you real training and practical lessons that you can apply to the business world to grow your brand and income.

Host: Omar Zenhom

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, 100mba.net

7) HBR IdeaCast

With over 800+ episodes and more on the way, this podcast by the Harvard Business Review is for hardcore business enthusiasts only. It features leading personalities in business and marketing and lets you peep into their thoughts and strategies.

Hosts: Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Harvard Business Review

8) How I Built This

Building a successful brand is not an easy task. It takes years of research and hard work. This podcast lets you in on how some of the biggest brands were established and the failures and challenges that had to be overcome along the way.

Host: Guy Raz

Available On: Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Wondery

9) Beyond the To-do list

When you want to grow a business it’s not just enough to know about the rules, you also need to know how to evolve yourself to achieve your goals. This is where productivity comes in.

If you’re wondering why you just aren’t able to create your desired output, then you may want to listen to this one. Here you will get practical productivity advice that you can actually apply to your daily life.

Host: Erik Fisher

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

10) GaryVee Audio Experience

If you feel like listening to only business-related talks every episode might start to get monotonous, then the GaryVee Audio Experience might be right up your lane. Here you’ll find some answers to #AskGaryVee questions, segments on marketing and business and his DAILYVEE series.

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

Available On: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Tune In

Final Thoughts

When you are starting out your business journey it might be tempting to want to do it all and learn it all. But at the end of the day, you are just a human. You need to take small and consistent steps to reach your goal.

This applies to podcasts as well. Don’t try to listen to everything all at once. And remember,  passive listening will not do you any good. Just pick one or two that resonates with you the most and try to apply your learnings to your own life and business.

Hope this helps you start off your journey to building your business empire!

Anna Mariya John
Anna Mariya John
MA. English at Mar Athanasius College (Autonomous) Kothamangalam


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