Top 10 document templates that every organization should have to work remotely

The shutting down of physical workplaces forces people to work from home. So, every business looks for an integrated and online repository management system. The document template brings a wide choice of ready-made agreements, contracts, policies, forms, letters that save hundreds or thousands of dollars. The template is a compatible and practical solution to keep. It is a go-to place for tech-savvy individuals to store anything from sales pitches, legal details, training resources to presentations. One can never skip a bit with a ready-made template.

Above all, the document template is the organized form that lets your team handle the requests from whatever stage they are in, who the project belongs to, the right date, and more. The centralized framework helps everyone in the company to request or ask the project status. For example, one can channelize different aspects of the designer in charge, project requester, expected dates, sharing the relevant file.

Using document templates speeds up the performance and is simple and accessible among the employees. You can check the activity patterns and create a template that seems reliable to your unit. 

Using templates saves time and may not appear disparate or with risks. The templates adapt in such a way that it can instill communication and collaboration in the system. It is the best fit for collaborative working usage. Also, the document templates pick the data from the database to send personalized and pertinent offerings to future buyers.

Here is the list of document templates that can help you and your team to be successful.

Online newsletter template

An online newspaper template is an extraordinary way to share industry news within a unit. Due to its fascinating style and neutral color combo raises the readers’ interest. You can put on real-time performance reviews options along with practical feedback in it.

online newsletter template

The more the accent colors, the perfect for our eyes it becomes. Besides this, the systematic grid-based model or multi-column layout delivers a content-rich method on the page. 

To say, keeping a check upon the right heights and column width appears candid to your team.   

Headlines and excerpts are brief descriptions of the text articles. It enables readers to understand the long paragraph in a few sentences.

You must set primary and secondary content.

Include white space where necessary. Further, customize the elements depending on the demand.

Work from home policy template

work from home policy

It is one of the fundamental policies that outline the remote worker’s expectations. The program summarizes a clear picture of the limits and assumptions about the working hours and methods of conversation. The document templates specify the conditions in which employees can work from home. Work from home policy templates includes certain things as below.

  • Channelize working hours log in support to members.
  • List the communication channels to connect with remote members.
  • Know about the expenses available to employees for setting up their home office.
  • Health and safety schemes for the employees at home.
  • Targets the eligibility criteria to carry out from home.
  • Defines the approval process for working from home.

Fixes the serving terms.

Health and wellness template

The health and wellness template share tips on how to work out of the office. It provides formal, sharable documentation details on a wellness plan. Health and wellness template clarifies the wellness plan and keeps your entire unit on track.

health and wellness template

You can display the guide to the wellness courses possible in your organization. Also, give them the minutiae idea on the course period, the cost of the program, and the contact person for the same.

New remote focused letterhead template

remote letterhead template

Many letterhead templates are available online. Pick a business letterhead template that comes with your employment goals. Customize it with color, fonts, and icons favorable to your brand. Insert company logo, name, and location. Rearrange the form elements if needed. Then save it for future benefit. The new remote focused letterhead template is ready to use.

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Brand guidelines template

Let your team analyze the brand values, history, vision, and culture that your business offers. The brand guideline template bears the brand message and mission statement. You can place the name of your squads under one stage. The other areas are.

brand guidelines template
  • Logo usage
  • Color palette
  • Typestyle
  • Image/style photography
  • Business card and letterhead design

Virtual event poster template

Hosting virtual events can be helpful when building the team together. There are many ideas one can showcase on your virtual event template. The event dynamics should be precise to the work from home employees.

virtual event poster template
  • Prepare an eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd.
  • Use media-images, sounds, and videos. Check the visuals and align them along with the poster.
  • Connect to external resources.
  • Test your presentation.

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Remote work schedule template

remote work schedule template

The remote schedule template will allow you to examine the activities of your employees. The individual’s behavior will decide the deadline for task completion and discussion sessions. It depends upon the individual team performance. 

  • Schedule your weekly work remote calendar.
  • Block your non-working hours.
  • Schedule regular duties.
  • Involve your morning routine.
  • Make time for the break period.
  • Block time for meetings/discussion sessions.
  • Address your schedule.

Remote onboarding process template

The document templates offer necessary details about the new hires. It sets clear objectives to support a long-lasting relationship with the employees. 

remote onboarding template

Here is a checklist that specializes in making happy and industrious virtual workers.

  • Serve virtual employees to overcome remote work challenges.
  • Build a valuable connection with the remote employees outside the office.
  • Instruct different communications platforms.
  • Strengthen employee engagement and excitement.
new employee checklist

Daily team task template

This template keeps the task in context on daily/weekly terms. The regular team task template visualizes according to individual performance. But everyone gets to know who needs to do what that boosts focus and makes the right decisions.

daily team task template

Here is the list of things that you may cover.

The “stop tasks” icon controls any past task to complete until the work under the stop task symbol executes. It is a simple action that turns urgent checklists into powerful workflows.

The dynamic due date marks the finished task, records the checklist for a variant date, and shows the date when you made a checklist. To sum up, it adjusts the time to varying factors unique to each other. 

Conditional logic is an important feature that allows you to create a dynamic checklist. You can change the workflow paths depending upon the past actions fulfilled. Approve the roles for each assignment.

Meeting agenda template

meeting agenda template

The document templates clarify the goals of your meetings and inform participants about the details such as dates, locations, and more. A meeting agenda template is a written communication sent to tell the aim of the discussion. You can use the following meeting agenda as a guide for your particular meeting.

  • Include the time, date, locations, call/video conferencing details.
  • Direct them about the materials required for the meeting.
  • Add the name of the attendees.
  • Summarize the earlier point if in case of recurring meetings.
  • Examine any new points for the meeting.
  • You can even set the deadlines for the task and the person accountable for the same.


WFH is a challenging task for the HR role. Welcoming the recent employee and encouraging your peer mentors in the right way helps to standardize business. Not only this, one has to over-communicate to instill the office culture in them. HR management template provides the checklist to run a smooth sailing organization.

In short, document templates are nothing but the framework dedicated to making jobs easier irrespective of location or physical presence. The businesses can redefine their choices by implementing ready-to-use templates. You can recognize and receive any team requests. To sum up, you can stay up to date with changing regulatory requirements to streamline documents and optimize document control processes with excellent mechanisms.

With this plan, companies can be more productive just being distant and assuring that it never starts from the main list.

Parul Rani Sagar
Parul Rani Sagar
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