The story behind an abstract photograph is very difficult to unfold as it totally depends on the point of view of the photographer. It is also known as non-objective, conceptual or concrete photography. It’s all about ideas, presentation and perception. In this type of photography one needs a lot of practice by taking different shots from different angles and should never hesitate to do experiments. Whatever subject you pick, you have to bring the ethos of what you’re photographing. In Abstract photography, the photograph is often not explained in literal way.

Here are the examples of top 10 fascinating abstract photographs for your inspiration:

  1. Between the lines by Rupert Vandervell2. Abstract green plant


3. Eye abstract by Yazeedart

4. Colours by Chaval Brasil

5. Abstract photography by Jacqueline Hammer

6. Architecture Abstract photography by peterstewart

7. Orange juice by Atilla1000

8. The Darkness by Alesa Dam

9Stairs lights abstract bubbles


 10. Abstract architecture by kevin ng


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