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Tired Of Hip Fat- Try These Best 10 Exercise Options

When it comes to losing hip fat and shaping muscles, the perfect fusion of exercise and diet can create a difference. However, since a person is unable to reduce fat from one particular area of the body,  with the help of exercise or diet. It is necessary to focus on dropping full body fat. Once a person starts dropping weight, they can focus on workouts that can assist in shaping muscles around the core and hips. 

Having powerful lower body muscles and less fat will provide a sculpted and leaner appearance of the hips. Additionally having less fat and more muscles will assist in burning calories at a higher or faster rate. Furthermore to make it easier to try these 10 best exercise options. It will help in reducing as well as controlling weight. 

  • Squats
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Side Lunges
  • Wall Sits
  • Step-Ups With Weights
  • Banded Walk
  • Jump Squat
  • Side-Lying Leg Raise
  • Stair Climbing
  • High- Intensity-Interval- Training- (HIIT)

1. Squats

Tired Of Hip Fat- Try These Best 10 Exercise Options
Sport Women doing Fitness with Dumbbell Squat and Overhead Press Exercise in 3 steps. Diagram of How to easy Fitness training target to Arms, Shoulder, Quadricep, and Gluteal muscles.

Squats are a multipurpose exercise. It focuses on various muscles of the lower body. One can do squats with body weight. Once a person has mastered this exercise, they can make it extra challenging and complicated by clutching a dumbbell in hand. On the hand also can hold a kettlebell with hands, while doing squats. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘squats’ in the best form?

  1. Stood up with feet a bit wider than a shoulder broadness apart.
  2. Secondly, for bodyweight squats, put your limbs out for maintaining balance.
  3. Subsequently, to capture the core, keep the back as straight as an arrow and lower the body until the thighs are aligned by the floor. 
  4. Afterward pause with knees over but not on the far side of toes.
  5. Then exhale and stand back up.
  6. At last complete 10-15 repetitions.

2. Side Lunges

Tired Of Hip Fat- Try These Best 10 Exercise Options
llustrated exercise guide by healthy woman doing Side Lunges Workout in 2 steps for firming buttocks and legs.

These are also known as lateral lunge. The side lunge is the variety of forward lunge. It concentrates further on the hip area and outer thigh.

How to reduce hip fat through ‘side lunges’ in a better way?

  1. First of all stood up with the feet a bit wider than hip broadness apart. 
  2. Secondly lower the body till the right thigh gets aligned to the floor.
  3. Stop, and push the left foot and bring it to the centre.
  4. At last try to make this move alternatively with right and left foot. Repeat this exercise for at least 12-15 times.

3.  Fire Hydrants 

Tired Of Hip Fat- Try These Best 10 Exercise Options
women doing fire hydrants to reduce hip fat.

This exercise targets the glutes and hip area of the body. It hold the core muscles for balance. If there is a problem with knees, then one should use the mat for the exercise. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘fire hydrants’ in a better way?

  1. Put palms on floor, Get on knees and hands, along with knees, and feet a bit wider than hip-width. 
  2. Then, stare at the floor slightly forward and down.
  3. Afterwards, begin withholding your core, lift the right knee away from the floor, and try to turn it away to the side. But The knee should remain bent the entire time.
  4. Give a pause of at least 5 seconds in the beginning, then put your leg further down to the starting point. 
  5. At last try to make this move alternatively with right and left leg. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times.

4. Wall Sits

The another name for wall sits is ‘wall squats’. This is the great work out exercise for thighs, lower abs and hips. These are the best to increase the core strength, helps in reducing weight, and most importantly it test your muscle endurance. 

How to reduce hip fat through  ‘wall sits’ or ‘wall squats’ in a better way?

  1. First of all, stand straight with pressed back against the wall and put your legs a little away from the wall. 
  2. Secondly, Slide downwards with the wall till you are not in the sitting position. Put your hamstring corresponding to the floor and legs at right angle. 
  3. Then, pause at this position for 20-30 seconds. After building strength try to hold this position for at least 1 minute. 
  4. At last, get back to the starting point. 

5. Banded Walk

This exercise needs a resistance band to put stress on hips while moving laterally for a certain number of steps. It is the perfect exercise to target the hips and to increase the muscle strength. Select a broad exercise band with sufficient resistance to challenge the lower body. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘banded walk’ in a better way?

  1. Firstly put this broad exercise band around the ankles, then slightly bend the knees, and then try to widen your posture. 
  2. Then walk towards the side without touching your feet.
  3. Afterwards, take 10 steps to right then come back to the starting position, do this with the left side as well.
  4. Repeat this exercise for 2-3 minutes. 

6. Step-ups With Weights

Step-ups put pressure on the hips and thighs. It helps in improving the stability and maintaining balance.

How to reduce hip fat through ‘step-ups with weights in a better way’

  1. Stood up with feet a bit wider, facing towards the knee hight table, withholding dumbbell in the hands.
  2. Next, step towards the bench with the right foot, bring left knee up meanwhile holding the weights in hands.
  3. Then, lower your left leg and step back to the bench. 
  4. Repeat this for 10-15 times, first with right leg and then same with left leg. 
  5. Complete 2-3 repetitions on both sides.

7. Side-Lying Leg Race

Tired Of Hip Fat- Try These Best 10 Exercise Options
an image of side lunges which helps in shaping the body posture.

It is an isolation exercise. It helps in shaping the hips and increase the strength of the body. While performing this exercise it is important to do in the correct posture. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘side-lying leg race’ in a better way?

  1. Firstly, lie on the yoga mat and turn to the right side. 
  2. Then, gradually raise your left leg (top leg) higher as you can do. Remain your toes pointed towards forward direction.
  3. Give a pause at the top side, then bring back the left leg at the starting point. 
  4. At last, repeat this exercise 10 times on both sides. 

8. Jump Squat 

It is a pioneering polymetric exercise which makes the basic squat exercise a power training workout by adding jumps in it. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘jump squat’ in a better way?

  1.  Get in a regular squat position with feet a bit wider than a shoulder broadness apart.
  2. After this, put your weight on heels, and squat toward downward direction till your thighs don’t get parallel with the floor. 
  3. Next from this posture jump upward and come back to the original position.
  4. While coming back to the position must take care of the smooth landing. Which means that your balls of feet must hit the floor first. And then transfer the weight back to heels.
  5. At last do 10-12 repetitions for 30 seconds.

9. Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It is the perfect way to shape and tighten the glutes and hips. 

How to reduce hip fat through ‘stair climbing’ in a better way?

  1. First of all If you are having a set of bleachers (a cheap bench seat in sports ground), then you can jog on those stairs. 
  2. Secondly, jog or run back to the stairs then walk back down to the same position.
  3. Repeat this for 5-6 minutes.
  4. On the other hand you can also go for a Stairmaster machine in the gym for stair climbing exercise session. 

10. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It is a cardiovascular exercise. Anyone can burn many calories with this workout. Moreover, according to the research, it is proved that HIIT is an effective way to burn body fat. Here is an example for reducing hip fat through high-intensity interval training.

For example- do fast sprinting for1 minute, do jump squats for 45 seconds etc. There are various other options to perform HIIT workout.

To conclude with hip fat exercises one can perform all of these. These are the best way to lose body fat. The cardiovascular exercises are perfect tool to lean muscle mass. If you want to reduce your overall body weight and want to see yourself in shape then try to manage your lifestyle. A proper lifestyle includes 7-8 hours sleep, regular exercise, healthy diet and most importantly keep stress in check. 

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