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10 Habits For A Better Life

Change Your Habits Change Your Life

First, we make our habits, then our habits make us which we ought to become in life. Habits constitute a major part of our personality. Our habits define ourselves. We as humans tend to bring a sea change in our lives at the click of a button but we do forget that in order to change our life we need to change our habits. There is always a fine line between what we are and what we want to become. To make our habit we just need to give some time to it we need to put in efforts . For a complete cycle of our habits, we need to give minimum of 15 days with full honesty and dedication. Habits have a power of not only bringing a change in our lifestyle and daily routines but also they give strength to our relationships which we form with people around us. Habits change our view, our perspective to see the world. They act as a guiding light to reach in the pathway of life.

Here in this article we are going to tell you ten habits that you need to add to your lifestyle for a better change.

1. Wake Up Early

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Waking up early is one of the best things you can do to change your life. It makes you more fresh, lively, and energetic in every way. It not only helps us to plan our day well but also gives us time to introspect.  The positive vibes around us helps us to nurture our mind, body, and soul. It sets our day well as we already have a checklist in front of us for the day. You can start your day by doing things that you love. It can be singing or dancing too.

2. Exercise


For a healthy body, we should exercise daily. Exercising boosts our stamina, strength to endure all the pain. Medically too it is proven that exercising daily has a positive result on our health. Exercising helps to regulate our body temperature. Exercising builds us to take any physical challenge. Today in this fast life we forget to take care of our ourselves. Exercising opens our thinking ability too. Exercising doesn’t mean that one must go to the gym daily. You can also go for a long walk. Running, jogging, aerobics. Even dancing is good exercise. For a healthy mind, one should be physically fit too as a healthy body and mind go hand in hand in proper functioning. Exercising with yoga have been helpful in eradicating many diseases. It keeps us free from all the diseases too. Prevention is better than cure. It’s better to take preventive measures for the proper functioning of our mind and body. Exercising even for 15-20 minutes daily have been fruitful for the human body. Joining a gym will help you build a stronger physique, with that it also makes your stamina strong.

3. Join A Hobby


The best habit one can inculcate in their life as a habit is to join a hobby. Joining a hobby will make you more productive in your day to day projects in addition to it will make you happier. Joining a hobby which you like can be a great stress buster for you from all the worries of life. It will help you in your professional life too as it will give you mental peace which will reflect in your daily deadlines and tasks assigned to you. A hobby is anything which you do in your leisure time to be at peace when you are busy working in your cubicle. A hobby can be anything from reading books to cooking to gardening to writing. A hobby is something which yields you a greater amount of satisfaction and helps you to be more passionate about your work.

4. Nature

10 Habits For A Better Life

As the greatest poet William Wordsworth once said Nature is the best teacher. Spending time in the laps of mother nature helps you in understanding life better. It awakens your spiritual soul lying dormant beneath your materialistic soul. It teaches you the best lessons of life which you can never learn sitting in the closed walls of your room. Going for a walk or a jog in mornings or in evenings depending upon your convenience will fill you with virtues like gratitude, sympathy, the joy of giving to name a few. Nature has the power to make your life more worth living  as you learn to value life and also the relations which you keep building up with your family and friends. It broadens your perspective and your thinking ability. It makes you ready for every challenge that may come in your life. Start spending time in the laps of Nature to make your future better in every way. Seeing greenery all around and being in such an environment makes you feel grateful for everything that life offers you .

5. Reading

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Reading is one of the best habits for you which not only helps you in utilizing your time better but also helps you in acquiring knowledge from all fields, from philosophy to cultural studies. Reading a book daily will make you help to reflect upon your life in never seen way. Reading helps you to be more creative and imaginative as you are able to experience the inexperienced yourself. By reading you learn to know the importance of the interplay of reality and illusion. Reading helps you in understanding the people around you better and their psychology. Reading daily makes your vocabulary strong, helps you in having a good command over a language. Reading keeps you informed about what is happening in the world in which you live in. Reading enables you to think clearly as you start caring for people around you much more than you can imagine. By reading one learns the power of emotions and feelings which binds us all irrespective of caste,  creed, gender, color, race. Reading doesn’t necessarily mean that you read only fiction books but it also includes nonfiction books, newspapers, magazines, articles, online articles. Reading also helps you understand people better as a story is not only a story of characters but it is actually people portraying themselves in the form of some characters. Reading makes you intellectual strong thereby adding more to your personality which reflects in your attitude towards people whom you meet daily. Reading for just half an hour will give you knowledge equivalent to two days at school. E-books are also a good option.

You can also go for audiobooks which you can listen on the go while you are going to your office/college or coming back from. Audiobooks is also a great way in using the technology in a better way.

6. Diary Entry/ Journal


Writing is one of the best habits to keep yourself going in this cut-throat competition at all levels everywhere. You have come across many people who always keep a diary and a pen with them. You must have seen people writing in their diaries on the banks of the river, near the seashore or also in public transports or at metro stations. Diary entry is one of the methods in outpouring your feelings which have been in vogue since ancient days. It is because of written diaries we have been able to know much about countries and places of Kings and their empires.

People do confuse with diary and journal. Many of them think that they both are the same but to tell you they both are not the same they are much different. Diary is where you record your daily events and incidents in a complete whole whereas Journal is where you record your daily tasks and accomplishments. Writing a diary and journal both are personal in nature and they should be kept away from everyone. The only thing is that they both should work in nurturing your inner self. It should be biased free and free from criticism. Both can be indispensable after some good years. In ancient times people used to write a diary for improving their handwriting too.  

7. You as You

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Feeling good about yourself is also an important habit to make in today’s world where we as people have started to think negative about ourselves to a great extent. Today we think more what people think about yourselves than concentrating on how we think of ourselves. We are constantly struggling in an un named battle where we are on one side and people are on the other side as opponents. It’s much important to think better of ourselves. To do this we must encourage ourselves, motivate ourselves, train our minds to be better in thinking ability. Keep your thoughts clear. Build a logical reasoning for yourselves. To do this one must be fully prepared for rejections both at personal level as well as professional level. Understand yourself make your strengths public so that others too might get influenced by you and keep your weaknesses at bay and keep trying to eradicate them one by one. Accepting yourself as YOU will take you to new heights , will make you more presentable in the world. It will add charm-ness to your beauty for a great outlook. Give yourself a priority before you make someone else your priority. Make your happiness a vital emotion in your life. The happiness comes from doing a good deed, helping someone in need, listening to someone. Say nice things because remember a word said cannot be unsaid. What’s said is said so be cautious with your words while dealing with people.

8. A Day Without Gadgets

10 Habits For A Better Life

In this fast-moving world faster than the light we have become a slave to our gadgets around us which makes it necessary to reserve a day where for a full day full 24 hours we don’t use any electronic gadget be it our smart-phones or our laptops. Today it is essential to make this as our habit to see the difference it makes in our life at large. With our  new updated technologies coming out every day our fears have also updated and out of all the fears the global fear which has affected more than twenty countries including India is the FOMO or The FEAR OF MISSING OUT with too many social media apps developing at a fast rate we are constantly engrossed in knowing about each other and updating every little detail about us. Today we are not living in a world but is existing in a superfluous world where people are connected virtually but are detached in reality so it is high time that we realize the importance of detaching ourselves from social media to reconnect with ourselves and with people who mean so much to us. For a day lock your phone and open up your heart to see the beauty of life in its complete sense. Instead of adding friends in a virtual world put efforts in building stronger and long lasting friendships with people who matter to you in real world. Go and have a hear to heart conversations with your trusted people over a cup of coffee. Collect pictures not for updating it as your status but for to enjoy them as it fills you with nostalgia at a later date in life. You can write thank you letters which will add beauty in your life and the people around you.

9.  Learn Something New

Learning something new is one of the habits which must become your habit for it will make yourself more oriented and organized in your life.  Curiosity is the basis for learning something new every day. Learn a new skill, learn how to drive, learn anything which you don’t know and was always keen on learning that. Break the barriers which are becoming hurdles for you in learning a new thing. Remember age is just a number. There is nothing which you cannot do. Be patient, be a slow learner eventually you will expertise. It can be anything swimming or cycling or even cycling. Learning will make your life balanced. It will make you more confident as it will instill in you a sense of self-satisfaction which is utmost for oneself. By learning something new every day you will be at peace that you are doing something in life. It is an effort in making your life worth living. By making it as your habit you will be able to utilize your time differently with that you learn a new thing.

10. A Logical Thinker

Another habit which will transform you into a better person is thinking logically. When you think logically you are bound to make correct decisions which will help you in the long run. Think logically as it will make your thoughts clearer and your vision of thinking will also be enlarged. When you think logically you can save yourself from procrastination as you will be able to complete your tasks on the same day instead of delaying them or postponing them. A logical thinker is hard working and is responsible. Thinking really helps, thinking logically opens new windows in your life of being a better person. Think deeply but logically.

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Pallavi Dutta
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