Fight obesity in 10 easy ways.

Obesity is a common problem that we notice today, specifically amongst the youth and other age groups also.  Obesity is referred to weight gain, fatness; accumulation of unwanted fats in your body – around the areas like stomach, thighs, arms and waist. It is most commonly caused by excessive intake of food, lack of physical activity and genetic susceptibility   Fastness can have a negative effect on health. Obese people are at a higher risk of heart-diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer etc. If not treated on time it can prove to be harmful for one’s health.

Obesity can be treated in 10 easy ways:

  • Eating habits

eating-habitsControl your eating habits. Make a diet plan, cutting out the calories, fats and carbohydrates this would be the first step towards fighting obesity. Eat fruits and vegetables that have nutritious values and that can help reduce weight. Vegetables like broccoli, bottle guard, green leafy vegetables, capsicum, beat root. Say no to processed food and junk food. Include fruits like oranges, apples, pineapple, kiwi, pear, avocados. Eat small portions of food, do not over-eat comprise your meal of fruit juices, soups and salad they would help in reducing weigh.

  • Drink more water

drink-more-water Drink plenty amount of water, this will keep your body hydrated and your system clean. Another reason why you should drink more of water is that, more water intake will lead to less intake of food in your body. Drinking water acts as an appetite suppressant and results in eating less.

  • Never skip breakfast

break fast Do not skip your breakfast. Your breakfast is the first meal of the day, so it should consist of all the nutrition, protein, and carbohydrates. Never skip your breakfast, skipping the first meal of the day will make you more hungry which will give you fast food cravings.

  • Physical activity

physical-activityMake physical activity part of your daily routine it is not only recommended to people suffering obesity but for everyone. 1 hour jogging can be beneficial. Play your favorite sport for an hour like – badminton, table tennis whatever that interests you. Swimming is the best option to fight obesity. Nowadays people also spend hours in gym and for yoga to loose weigh. Any kind of physical activity is very important to fight obesity other than just controlling the diet. Invest 1 hour daily into some physical activity and you wouldn’t have to worry for lifetime.

  • Avoid sugar

sugarStop eating sugary food. The reason behind obesity for most of the people is high intake of sugary food. Avoid eating sweets, chocolates, cakes, ice-creams because they contain high amount of calories that result in weight gain.  

  • Reduce your screen time

reduce-your-screen-timeAvoid sitting in front of the screen – television, laptop or computer for long hours. Your screen time should not be more than 2 hours a day. Increase in your screen time leads to decrease in the time dedicated towards physical activity. Avoid eating while watching television, this way unconsciously you tend to eat more which later contributes in weight gain.

  • Stress less, sleep more

stress-less-sleep-moreExcessive stress may increase stress level hormones such as cortisol in your body. This can cause increased hunger and thus result in weight gain. If you are fighting obesity and suffering from stress, then you should find ways to fight stress. One should also make an effort to get enough amount of sleep preferably 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for a human body. Doctors suggest eat your dinner at 8pm and go to sleep by 10 pm and get adequate sleep so that your body could relax and feel rejuvenated the next morning.

  • Men avoid drinking beer

men-avoid-drinking-beer-5784398This goes for women as well, but men tend to drink more than women in average. Beer contains rapidly digest carbs that shut down fat burning that is a reason for a famous term called “beer belly”. Cut down on intake of beer instead choose smarter alcoholic options like red wine, dry champagne with completely avoiding sweetened cocktails.

  • Use different spices in your food

use-different-spices-in-your-food-53478654Add different types of spices like cinnamon, black pepper and cayenne pepper to your food. These 3 spices are best for obese people trying to lose weight.   

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners

Sugar vs small healthy sugar sweeteners. On balance. Isolated over whiteMany people believe replace sugar with artificial sweeteners thinking that it would help them reduce weight. But several studies however have failed to show results of weight loss. It is not only beneficial in reducing weight but also harmful for one’s health. Instead, according to research these artificial sweeteners can increase appetite and maintain cravings for sweet food.

Don’t let your weight bother you anymore. Follow the above simple tips and home remedies to lose weight without any difficulty. Living a healthy life now will lead to a healthy life in future. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and adequate sleep is the key to good health.

Riya Naskar
Riya Naskar
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