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Tips and Tricks for an ideal camping trip

The excitement of an adventure is always a thrilling experience. The thrill of visiting a new destination, doing something novel! Camping in the woods, beach, mountains each has its own unique nature. However, the very thought of camping gives a chill through your spine! The hacks for perfect camping are not at all difficult at hand. All you need is to give attention to the details of the planning so as to achieve the most pleasurable time of your life. For hosting or rather enjoying the camping situation at it’s best, the primary necessity is to make an ideal prep for the same. If you pay a little more attention in the preparation phase, you can just sit and enjoy the camping experience.

Just to take some of your worries away, here are some really handy tricks to make your first camping expedition easy and fun for you and your pals!

Planning and prepping the site

This is the essential part of the entire trip. It includes the necessary things you need to remember prior to and during the trip. The place has as extraordinary power to impact your mind, either making or breaking it! This session consists of a sequence of step that needs to clearly follow and executed in order to make the adventure all more exciting and mindboggling!

Find your ideal location for camping: If it’s a number of people heading towards a destination, the search for the location should be consensual. Some might have the call for the mountains, while some can be adventurous for a forest retreat, or maybe even the beaches or the desert! Whatever it might be, the site selection must involve all the campers’ (unless you’re a travel agency!) interests. The mountains have their own charisma, while a desert camping under the starlit sky can completely keep you awestruck! This location hunt must also think upon the comfort and the relaxing quotient, protection and security. If you’re planning a forest adventure do keep in mind to stay at least 200 meters away from the water bodies to ensure safety from the wild! 

Tents should be ideally placed in the higher ground since you can skit in a bumpy one, while flat surfaces have a chance of forming a puddle beneath the tents in case it rains!

Tent it up

Camping in the Mountains
Camping in the Mountains

This involves combined effort from the team members in order to have a smooth stay in the upcoming days! The fixture of the tents is essential with proper rain proofing, protection from winds and wilds so that you can stay unworried in any unprecedented weather changes! Clean up the site, buckle up the tents and put on the rain fly for the amazing nights to come!

Store your food

People camping in the forest
People camping in the forest

You’re heading for a camp with full preparation of cutting off your existence from the hubbub of the world. The last thing you would want your food gets spoiled or taken away by the animals. The smell of food might attract the wild near you since it is advisable that you carry stuff which can be sealed and packed conveniently during the trip!

Light the fire

teenager camping with camp fire
teenager at campsite with tent and camp fire

The essence of camping is held up by lighting the fire. Be it for cooking or fighting the chill; it needs time and patience. Ensure that you carry some essentials for this process, and hunt out for some twigs and dry woods for the purpose. A well-built fire will last for at least the entire night! Well, you need to be cautious that the fire shouldn’t be a cause of disaster for the environment around!

Disposal setup

According to my opinion, the utmost necessity when you set up your camping site. The filth which is spread around during such adventure contributes to worsening of the site ecologically. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the debris are properly disposed of, just for the site to welcome you again with its elegance!

Rule following

Adventure will be worth remembering and experience if you the members abide by some essential rules. The rules should be applicable and conveyed to every member so that they can be obeyed when in need. A simple hack of sticking to the camping principles can help escape any serious mishaps!

Collect the right gears

Friends Camping
The young friends are preparing for camping. They’re holding a resting chair, picnic basket, and other necessaries and searching for a suitable place in a sunset.

Equipment hunting is also an important part of proper camping. Right gadget, gears and equipment make your journey smooth and hassle-free! Besides, the regular food items and clothing necessities, the camp specific equipment will really come handy.

Camp chairs: Relaxing on a comfortable chair while soaking in nature’s lap is definitely an alluring thought. A camping chair is ideally suited for the same! Sitting on the ground can be monotonous, a chair can break the monotony and make it all more relaxing!

Camping beds: This can come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one which fits you perfectly. An air bed can be a treasure for you only if it is of good quality. The electric ones can pose a danger of getting deflated in the middle of the night. Take a wise decision while deciding on the same!

Sleeping bag: In case you are heading to some winter camps, the nights can be really chilly! An ideal option for your comfort is a sleeping bag. The warmth and tenderness can keep you cosy throughout the night, ensuring that you can unwind and relax!

Lighting equipment: Darkness gives solace 

The 21st century, it is practically impossible to think of life without a source of light. Get hold of torches and solar lights which can be easily charged off the grid. Solar phone chargers are just apt for camping situations due to its uncertainty.

First aid kit: All’s well that ends well! However, all might not go well in terms of health. You have to arrange for a proper first aid kit as essential gear for the trip! The medicines and the aid required in case of injury are the most basic necessities you need to address!

Hacks to make it all easier

Besides, all this camping advices are some small hacks which can make your camping actually pleasurable and less strenuous! Use light paper wares instead of plates and cups which are heavier. Light packing is an ideal option for comfortable camping. Organize your clothes in order of your requirements and make the backpack as light as possible. It not only makes your bag easier to carry but also ensures that there is enough space to put in the major necessities. For an ecofriendly endeavour, it is suggested that you opt for sustainable packaging and bottles so that it not only makes your disposal easier but also ensures that the balance of the site is maintained. Your trip check is necessary for a worry-free retreat in nature! For a desert, trip ensures that you stack sufficient quantity of water at your disposal. Wet wipes and towels come in handy in such a trip, because a rustic one will not comprise of the luxuries of an expensive tent.

These small tricks should be adhered, in order to look forward to the most memorable camping expedition of your life!

Dhriti Das
Dhriti Das
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