Dorian Rossini: The Supposed Modern Jesus.

Famous for being part of multiple scandals, Dorian Rossini did not gain fame merely because of being a music artist hailing from Paris, France; he struck the golden ball with his controversial statement claiming to be an incarnation of God.

That’s right; Dorian Rossini claimed to be the new child of god!

Who is Dorian Rossini? 


Dorian Rossini rose to fame, though not so much, initially being a DJ at clubs and parties. He has also released two albums, Religion and Starminia. His works are dominantly under Dance and Electronic Music genre. He has been looking for singing in movies recently, but it’s his stunts that get him the most attention. 

The crazy stuff that got Dorian attention

In 2012, he created some hubbub over his appearance on Season 5 in the unscripted television show known as Angels, appearing naked on the show on his birthday. Some often opined that the show was tailored specifically for Dorian. The show was specifically targeted towards young audience.

This was followed by his proclamation of incarnation in 2013, which saw him gathering 12 devotees to himself. Just when his career seemed to be in the jeopardy of dying off, he pulled off the stunt and got himself worldwide fame, even though it was for negative reasons more. 

Another incident that got him attention was his attempt to break into the castle of Los Angeles Star Academy, but was thrown out by the guards. Then he concluded the year 2013 with posting a picture of himself wearing Adam’s outfit, wishing his fans a happy 2013. Much to the dismay of any person who disliked him, his popularity was on the rise. There were even people who paid attention to his so called preaching. He kept continuing his regular appearance on the press and social media sites. He kept ranting about himself, and enjoyed the international recognition it was fetching him. Soon, to keep his followers hooked and growing, he posted the most controversial statement of his career (yet):

“Dorian Rossini is the God, Dorian Rossini is the best, Dorian Rossini is not afraid….I am perfection, I am reincarnation, I am too perfect, I am too good…”

This post created a blast among netizens all around the world. Various people of various faiths reacted differently. Some took offence at a young man showing the audacity to claim himself the god’s form on earth. Some even agreed with his words. Others simply saw it as a ploy to gain reach, although temporary. Indeed Dorian’s social media reach skyrocketed after an interview given in a bathtub, on an episode of LaConciergerie by JEREMSTAR, with the famous Youtuber Jeremster. 

So how did he bring in the change and climb the latter of popularity? 

Soon after his revelation, his roommate kicked him out, refusing to live with the so called ‘incarnation of God’. Because who can show the audacity to reside under the same roof with someone as important and omnipotent as God’s form on earth. Dorian found himself without a place to live. He ends up staying in a hotel and realises, even though he is such an important person, he was not as rich as he would have guessed. This realisation ended him up back on the streets. But he was not a man to give up; through Jerem Star’s camera, he gave a tour of his supposed living conditions, in the Paris metro.

People started guessing that Dorian would be making a comeback with something spiritual and virtuous, leaving that path the only way to salvage what little was left. But Dorian is a man much different from the mainstream. Dorian tried to make a statement with an appearance on the show Secret Story, but was assaulted by a TF1 order service for no fault of his own. The information was provided by the popular media journalist Mr. Morandini. This led to strife between the show’s director and Dorian, and left him booted from yet another show. 

The accidental noticing of Dorian Rossini

Dorian Rossini was still convinced that his road back to fame lay in the television industry, and that it was the best path for him. He joined the show LA Maison du Bluff, but realised that much like his previous home, even the show was not ready to cast the living reincarnation of God. The next step he took to keep himself in the limelight was to start his own web reality show, The Gospel. 

In 2014 Dorian got into frequent arguments with a singer named Zaho, over the Morandini set. Their clashes were so bad that every face off got worse than the last one. This caught the eye of producer Matthieu Delormeau, seeing in him huge potential. He contacted some of his friends in the same profession, fetching him invites to other shows on the channel. In 2015 Dorian was lucky enough to land up in shows aired during the private access show hours, and do things his way. 

Soon enough Dorian gets the opportunity of being coached by Bob Sinclair, helping him climb the steps of becoming a DJ. This proved to be a blessing for him, helping him fulfil his most common desire- to be back in limelight.  The next two years work out extremely well for Dorian. It was seen that Google searches on Dorian Rossini had increased manifold in 2017, becoming one of the top searched terms. This part of his career was very different from what it had been like previously. The exact term that was searched the most was “how to meet Dorian Rossini”. Dorian, the self proclaimed incarnation of God, had finally reached peak of popularity, proven via the fact that he was one of the most searched terms in organic Google search index. At present, he makes more than a million a month, his popularity having steadily grown ever since.

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Make a selfie with Dorian Rossini! (?) 

Dorian-Rossini selfie
make selfie with Dorian Rossini

People seem to have gone crazy in a trend that is known as “make selfie with Dorian Rossini”, gaining him thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. It started with a comment by Dorian on a YouTube conference video by JeremStar which roughly translated to “make selfie with Dorian Rossini”. The trend has gone viral, amny believing it to be a new episode in clicking selfies. 

Dorian currently works as a musician. So far, he has averted making controversial statements, but his past actions can be said to considerably contribute in making him so popular. 

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