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Casey Anthony Alive or Not

For ten years, Casey Anthony, who was charged with the death of her 2-year-old daughter, made national headlines first in a criminal trial that captivated the country and became the key figure in that. (The similarities between the situation of Anthony and O.J.  provided by Anthony Grace, the longtime anchor of the HLN who earned Anthony the famous nickname). The decade before Simpson’s is clear— both horrendous murders, obsessive coverage, and polite acquittals–and no wonder Anthony was often viewed as O.J. Of the results.

Casey told the police that Caylee was with Zenaida Gonzalez and “Zanny,” but that was a lie. Once Casey returned to Universal Studios, where the police claimed that she worked, they found that she had lied because she had a position there.

The Caylee Anthony Search

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony takes an oath.

Hundreds would look for Caylee over the next few months while the police searched for clues. What they discovered would not lead to Caylee, but it led to her mother being involved with seven criminal charges in October, including homicide of first-degree. Not guilty, Casey pleaded.

The decomposed bones of Caylee discovered on a wooded area not far from the house of Anthony in December 2008.

Two years later, in a close-knit trial, the Public Prosecution alleged that her daughter was wearing chloroform and smothered by putting tape on her nose and mouth. A different theory was put forward by Casey’s defense team: that Caylee accidentally drowned in a family pool.

The High Profile case Reveal

Ultimately, the court accepted the young mother’s most serious charges.At age 32, Anthony is not quite noticeable in Florida; she had an interview with the Associated Press only last year. The press is not very prominent.

But many other players took part in the case of Casey Anthony. Ten years later, we talked about the way it worked and why it touched the public. Ten years later, we spoke to some of those involved. Such claims changed for longitude and consistency. Those things had to be said here.

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Confusion among the Lawmakers

The State has proven its case, I thought. I figured while they had some shortcomings in their argument, there was a high likelihood of some murder (Casey) being found guilty, and that did not happen.

Several jurors claimed the cause for their “not guilty” return was because the State was unable to show how (Caylee) died.

(Defense) I threw many theories out. She died, they spat it out. She tried to build on the fact that the gate was open and that the ladder was down because she thought she would go out from the window to the pool because of the love of swimming.

I say, there was no evidence of this. These have been conclusions. These are conclusions. Nevertheless, they are reasonable lessons to be permitted on the grounds of these slim variables.

Justice served a case in which evidence disputed before a jury, the jury examines the law in its lens and makes a decision. People may not agree, but if the case passes through the process by which we all have decided to live, justice served.

Ten years after her death, here we are, and even people are thinking about it. And there is a question for everyone: What happened? What happened? There will always be someone asking and someone questioning what that response is until this question answered.

The Medical Examination

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Dr. Jan Garavaglia retired chief medical officer. Looking back ten years, the biggest concern was that the reality was missing and that the knowledge was not substantiated. You could only tell facts, and no proof was required to justify them.

For me, this was a turning point. In the last ten years, this has been occurring steadily, but for me, it was my first time dealing with that in culture, and the reality sometimes does not apply, so people get fooled and start believing if you tell it clearly and often enough.

We are expected to do a few things as a medical examiner: identify the body. Come up, why the person died, and the manner of death. We’re not just looking at what the autopsy shows or what the body demonstrates–we look at the scene and look at the circumstances.

We have a child that is not reported missing in this case. There is no credible explanation of what happened to the baby when the infant confirmed to have been absent from the grandmother. The body was hidden. The package was wrapped in two plastic bags, then put in a canvas bag and threw a few blocks from her house behind a rotting tree. There was a misunderstanding. And then we had the film of the duct that is on the head now.

These three things turned it into a murder together. In my mind, it hasn’t changed. In the spirit of the police, it’s not broken. Attorney’s view, it is not changed. It is an accidental death; there is absolutely no evidence.

The Murder Case Detection

Detective John Allen, I conducted Caylee Anthony’s murder inquiry. (The early suspicions of prosecutor Yuri Melich) were that Caylee was likely hiding somewhere from his family, as there was some fear between Cindy and Casey.

But, for a short time, we just believed it. When we towed the forensics bay— obviously a dead body scent— (and) we were listening to the 911 video, it seemed very doubtful that we were searching for a living baby at that point. It was an improbable event.

Casey Anthony was different in treating parents who lost children or parents with missing children. There was a mistake. (When) Detective Melich completed the document for detention, I sat down with her, while he had the papers filled out. So basically, we spoke about her life–I would claim that her dream to be a personal trainer was the central part of the conversation. Usually, when a parent loses a child, it’s quite frenzied, and everything is about the baby. All this was Casey’s chat.

You know, you seek in any problem to figure out what motivates the person to tell the truth, and you try to explain the reality to them, and I do not think that we would have done something.

I mean, you might appeal to your guilt or remorse, some people. Yet definitely, it didn’t motivate her because she never seemed to have many regrets at all, at least at any moment I ever saw her. I don’t understand, however, why we handle it with her, that would encourage her to tell the truth, I’m not aware.

The Defense approached her side

Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s Senior Advisor

At first, I could imagine exactly how she felt. She seemed like no beast of any kind. She looked like a scared small girl-a girl I ought to tell, but she’s a kid at my time.

(Casey) was small. (Casey) Her hands were as short as my two arms. She was very courteous and respectful. Smart-aleck-y about her wasn’t anything. No theories or anything.

I didn’t know exactly, of course, but my intuitive impressions were that she wasn’t guilty.

I believe that Casey’s main focus of intelligence disbelieves that her child is missing or missing and made anything. You couldn’t find a closer, more loving relationship if you could see Casey’s and Caylee’s photographs, videos, history.

Okay, how do you turn loving relationship and fantastic motherly treatment into horrific murder, all of a sudden?

What I knew is that in this situation, Casey didn’t deserve the death penalty, and if I could intervene, I won’t let her get it. She was not guilty of killing the child; I don’t think.

I would not accept it. She could come up and say, “This is time for me to confess,” and I would like to know who brought her up to it. I would not think that; I do not believe it is true. It is not real, I believe it.

The Unacceptable Friend

Roy ‘ Clint ‘ House, former boyfriend Tony Lazzaro’s roommate

By the time I moved into Tony, it was towards the end of October 2007. Tony finally met Casey online in the fall of 2008. There was a mistake. (S) He was that stereotypical woman aged 22 years. We had a good time being around her. She was smart and fun, bubbling.

When Cindy came home, it wasn’t so long before Caylee was encountered. From my two eyes, what I saw was that she was a great mother. I never saw her to Caylee being physically violent. Between the mother and daughter, I saw what I felt was passion.

It was a moment where we started to wonder where was Caylee. She came over so often that it seemed quite odd that we no longer saw Caylee… She’s with the nanny. And, “she is with the nanny.” But it only looked at the time that it was something, a red flag or anything like that. I don’t understand what the fuck. It was like a red flag or anything like that.

We felt Caylee was absent during that period. There was a misunderstanding. There was no change of attitude I noticed. I’m seen with (Casey) in a lot of the photos she was out at Fusion at that point. We didn’t know what was happening at all.

My former girlfriend called me at the time and said, “You’re going to have to check the information, Caylee is missing.” We just figured she was employed at Universal Studios. We all thought she was going to college. It was a complete lie that Casey Anthony told us.

I don’t believe anything is wrong with Casey in the world or the media. I think it was unsuitable for the justice system.

The News Reporting

Beth Karas, prosecutor and Television commentator; I portrayed Casey Anthony from her capture through the prosecution of “in training” in TruTV from 2008 to 2011. I recall a story of a child disappearing and that her mother’s lost 31 days hadn’t reported.

It seemed that Casey decided to be disciplined by the government. People didn’t want to-they didn’t want to watch her succeed. You want her to  punished.


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