Adventurous Islands


    An Island is a piece of land which is surrounded by water from all sides and you can imagine how exciting it would be to do some adventurous activities at these islands. The open blue clouds above and open blue water at ground together comprise of a beautiful scenario, which gives you a push to do something really exciting, thrilling and adventurous. Here, some islands are listed where you can have a lot of adventures.

    ISLANDThe first Island where you can have the adventure is Andaman. Walking with bare foots on the sand along beaches, skydiving in middle of the blue sky and over blue water on the ground will be just fantastic! Water-skiing, water sports, aqua cycles, speed boating, kayaking, wind surfing and many more adventurous task you will find there. Snorkeling is another water sport i.e. can be considered to be one of the adventurous sports and activities of Andaman Islands. Scuba diving, trekking and islands camping can be the most interesting part of your journey in Andaman. You will love this place for adventure.

      • Lakshadweep:-

    ISLANDThe Lakshadweep Islands are the ultimate destination for a relaxing vacation with occasional doses of recreational activities and adventures & are the ideal destination for any water sports crazy person. Various forms of water sports are practiced in the islands. Among others, surfing is the popular one. Boating is another popular adventurous activity at Lakshadweep. Boating refers to the leisurely pursuit of traveling by boat. The deep blue waters of Indian Ocean can be enjoyed while boating through the sea. Yachting is steadily emerging as one of the favored Adventure sport in Lakshadweep as well as in the whole country. Lakshadweep is gifted with nature’s beauty. The greenish blue seawater, white beaches, majestic waves, long coconut trees and a wonderful climate make it a hot spot for adventure and tourism. Scuba diving, Lagoon fishing, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Speed Boating and water skiing are some other form of adventurous water sports.

    • Mumbai Harbour:-

    surfetiquetteMumbai was popularly known as “Mayanagari” can also give you some adventurous and thrilling experience. Mumbai Harbour which has six historical Islands that lie in the harbor. “Elephanta” is one of them; the harbor opens at the Arabian Sea to the south. It has abundant adventurous activities to do. Skydiving in Mumbai is also very famous.

    • Netrani Islands:-

    sky-diving-shute-harbourAnother Island is Netrani Island in Karnataka. It is a small Island located in Arabian Sea Views from above gave this Island the appearance of being heart-shaped. This Island has Scuba diving and Snorkeling facilities.

     Islands due to its beautiful and amazing combination of blue water below and blue sky above become a great spot for any adventure loving people. There exists a lot of thrilling and adventurous activities to do as mentioned above.

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