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Things You know if you live in Delhi

Delhi, a place where all your dreams come true, where people unite, which is called ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’ [where people have the biggest of hearts], which is crazy and yet subtle, matures where you’ll learn to be independent and love yourself if not anything else. Its nature of all the places and yet forever young! No words are enough to ever describe Delhi. It’s magical, it’s trouble!

We, Delhiites know our city inside out. We know it’s not perfect and there are many more places better and cleaner and more developed. But deep inside, we know there’s no place like Delhi. After all, it’s home, sweet home! Here are some things only people who’ve been in Delhi would know:

  1. What’s heaven on earth? Metro! Obviously! (Not Delhi, lol)

In the summer, amidst the boiling city, our only relief is the God gifted Metro (not really God gifted, though). One, we only get out of our AC rooms if it’s urgent, that too if there’s no conveyance available, our only option is metro! ‘Auto rickshaw?’ What’s that?

  1. All the Delhiites have magical wardrobes, and no it’s not Narnia!

From Forever 21 to Sarojini Market’s street shopping, your wardrobes are full of magical stuff. Clothes, accessories, shoes, heels, all kinds of makeup, bags, 20 varieties of scarves, and what not? And no, you are not that rich. It’s just you know where to shop.

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Things You know if you live in Delhi
  1. “Heard about Paranthe wali Gali?” “No?” “Right, you’re not from Delhi!”

You’re a crazy foodie. Even if you like your diet chart and being skinny, you know the way to parents wali Gali and the famous kachori wali in Civil lines, and all such food joints. It’s called perk of living in Delhi. Sundar, sasta, tikaao! [Pretty cheap, useful and lasts long.]

  1. *In a problem* No worries when I have friends from Delhi.

You’ve been in troubles since forever, you know how to handle them so well by now.  Your friends always call you when it comes to problems! Though you crib about it, you secretly love it. You feel like a boss.

  1. NORTH CAMPUS, forever.

No matter which part of Delhi you stay in, you know all the streets and shops of Kamla Nagar, and love it. You don’t mind the chaos or the dirt. You hang out there like your second home. Well, that’s what it is. Na?

  1. “Have you faced the struggle in life?” “Duh, I stay in Delhi!”

You know what actual struggle is. Be it for money, for food, for alcohol, anything. You’ve seen days when you struggled to even survive in Delhi. That doesn’t lower your love for Delhi anyhow.

  1. Jugaad[makeshift], for everything.

Because that’s your answer to everything. ‘Juggaaaad!’ That’s one thing you’ve learned for sure staying in Delhi, arranging anything at any time. “Samosa chai at 3?” “Chalo!”

  1. Life is a race! Compete or die.

You totally connect with this dialogue from the movie ‘3 idiots’! Delhi is a bitch that way! Academics, Media, even for a metro seat, competition is omnipresent.

  1. Safety is the best policy!

Being in Delhi has made you so conscious, you’re aware even in your sleep. “You’re a girl, you aren’t supposed to go out late at night!” You have heard this phrase a million times. But you know how to take care of yourself at the end of the day.

  1. Modern and Ethical! “Are you kidding me?”

You’re the perfect combination of heritage values and modern ideology. You aren’t the typical conservative mind, but advanced enough to compete with the world. Woah!


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