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Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools For 2016-2017

1.Ohio University

It is placed as the 1st party school because of its Halloween, Court Street, The fest, homecoming, welcome weekend, bong hill and green beer day. But these comes second, the most important contribution is its student and their bobcat attitude.

2.University Oh Iowa

The lively atmosphere of university of Iowa has awarded it with A+ grade. May that be any night of the week, may that be any occasion, there would be tons of raging party and that made the university no 2 in the list.

3. Florida State University

The night life is awesome at this university. Starting from cheaper drinks to equal ratio between girls and guys adds flavor to the partying environment. They have different themes for each night like Mondays= Mandatory Make out Mondays at Clyde’s, Tuesdays = Leave you boyfriends at home night at Moda etc. They surely deserve the 3rd place.

4. Tulane University

This university has a hell lot of things. Starting from bars, house parties, fraternities and many more.  Night begins at here.

5. University Of Illinois

After being pissed off with the division of Greek and non Greeks, still this place manage to hold the 5th position cause of its high fever of partying

6. University Of Texas

Even though this university is more famous for its academic achievement but still the nights in this university is of one its kind. According to 2011, UT social Norms survey, 2.6% believe university of Texas is the best university because of its ‘party school atmosphere’.

6. Syracuse University

This university has a lot to booze. Basketball season, May fest, block parties, juice jam, castle court, tailgates, concerts etc makes this place a perfect part school.

8. University Of Wisconsin

Partying is everywhere in this university. Even though it’s hard to find when it is cold outside but at the beginning it is found everywhere. Maybe that’s why it still possesses the 8th position.

9. University Of Mississippi

There is only one motto for party in this university: divided by ages but united by parties. Basically the best party place in this university is the squares for seniors and frat houses for juniors.

10. University Of Michigan

Students at University of Michigan are known for throwing parties. The best parties are thrown at the top-tier frat houses. Even the parties are fun over here but it is really hard not to get into trouble with police too. That’s why it is awarded no 10.

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