Riview of Jolly LLB 2


Jolly  LLB 2 is a story of a man named Jagdeesh Mishra also known as  Jolly who is originally from Kanpur but his life takes him to Lucknow. The movie shows him grappling with himself and other people in order to be taken seriously as a lawyer, but his superior pays him that much attention as one would give to the bubble gum stucked under one’s shoes. Like one feels the presence of annoying gum under one’s shoes but does not at all wants to touch it, same becomes the case of “Jolly”.  He tries various methods to make little more money on side and his main goal seems to get one good lawyer chamber for himself. In order to achieve so, his methods lead him to terrible and horrific incident. By this time his entire energy and aim become focussed to right this wrong and he becomes so obsessed with it that he seemed to be ready to go against the system for doing so. Story is predictable but from here onwards it becomes twisted and keeps its audience hooked. What incredible and in favourr of the movie is stupendous performances of the actors, especially that of protagonist Akshay Kumar who took only thirty days to get this film completed! Moving from comic to dejected to confused without loosing the grip on viewers in courtroom scenes is another standout of the film. Anu Kapoor pulls of his character of ruthless and corrupt lawyer with full dedication. In some of the scenes he sunk so much in the character that he made people forget that they are watching a movie and the portrayal is just an act. He is ready to go to any length to get the outcome in favour of his clients as they offer him hefty bribes. Although rest of the cast is serviceable, Kumud Mishra as a corrupt police officer once again impresses us with his incredible performance. Huma Khureshi has a considerable presence but we wish her part would have been written in a better manner, to some extent she suffers on the account of flaws in the script.  Saurabh Shukla does exactly what he did in first part as a Justice but here he is dancing at “gulaboo” because of Alia Bhatt fondness that he has in the flick. Comparing it with the first part, we were hooked to the first part because it was a sitirical eassay on the social issues because of contaminated and corrupt practices in our country and the repeatation of the same portrayal at some places in Jolly LLB 2 makes this movie loose its novelty. Akshay Kumar too fights here like Arshad Warsi did in first part, but to glorify hos character Akshay’s part has been exaggerated by making him fight terrorism and portraying him running in Kashmir. The movie keeps viewers engaged but it also makes us miss the rawness of first part. But having said that, the movie is good and worth a watch!


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