Highly Decadent Festive But Simple Cake Ideas For Your New Year’s Party

Since it comes very shortly after the occasion of Christmas, with all its cooking, shopping, cleaning and visiting and putting together a big spread or complicated recipe for a New Year’s party can feel like an overwhelming job. All you want to have a break but at the same time, you still want to mark the occasion with something really nice. Keeping that in mind, this article shares some really delicious and incredibly easy cake recipes that won’t cost you hectic hours in the kitchen, ensuring that you can host a rocking New Year party with a perfect Happy New Year cake.

Apple Blood Orange Buckle:


Because of their exciting name, a truly surprising appearance, and uniquely delicious taste, Apple Blood Orange Buckle cakes have become extremely popular in the New Year parties these days. The slightly bittersweet citrus adds a unique taste to the cake.

Super Decadent Chocolate Cake:


It’s New Year and there are lots of things going around so you don’t have hours to make a cake. All you need a really quick to finish the recipe and what could be a better treat than this decadent chocolate cake as it takes only 45 to finish. It’s a real time saver deal for sure. Decorate this cake with some lip-smacking toppings like choco-chips or choco-flakes and make the party ever-memorable with chocolate cake for New Year.

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Brown Sugar Tea Cake:


This brown sugar tea cake light and sweet and perfect for the guests present on this New Year party day brunch. At only 125 calories at serving, you simply won’t need to take any New Year fat loss resolution to enjoy this treat.

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake:


If you are a seasonal foodie, winter can be a tough time for you, but there are still a few fruits that can tickle all your taste buds in a best way. Oranges are the perfect winter fruit but at the same time, it’s an ideal cranberry season also. You can simply make the best of winter bounty with this quick and easy cranberry orange pound cake.

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Sumptuous Chocolate Date Cake:


Are you in the mood for a cake which is rich and cozy? Are you running out of time? Looking for a perfect sweet treat which is not overloaded with sugar? The combination of chocolate and dates is to die for, but with a very little of sweetness coming from sugar. It’s definitely a great healthy choice.

Olive Oil Cake With Grapes:


It’s definitely a go-to dessert when you are in need of a something fantastic in hurry. This recipe is all about a contrasting combination of lemon and grape and it’s really one of the most favorite treats for most of the people in New Year time.

So what are you waiting for? Make one such cake and set the mood of New Year in a best gastronomical way.

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