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Life is What We Make of It

Cruising down the beach with wind through the hair, an ice cream on a summer day or even a coffee by the windowsill in the rain, reading quotes like ‘Life is What We Make of It’. All of these make life look so young and easy. As if, no problem would ever be associated with it. But, just when we sit loose and try to flex, ‘life’ hits us with what it really is.

We face many problems in the everyday life, ranging from who has the prettiest clothes or who works out more? Wait…what! Do you think these are not serious issues? Well, needless to say, you should ask the ones who face them (pity!). On the other hand, there are people who don’t have clean water to drink or even a shelter above them, but then again, for us, clothes and gym are far more important.

We’re not willing to serve even a dime to charity, but when it comes to latest brands and gadgets, the money becomes endless! No, I’m not saying we should donate all that we earn. All I mean to say is that nothing in this cosmos compares to the affection and love we can offer to the underprivileged. For them the best we can do is treat them equal. Even though, many do say they don’t consider the underprivileged lower to them but at the end of the day, you and me, both, know the truth. Half of the times they get left behind because of the shredded self-esteem. We need to help them to build their confidence back before we can help them to earn.

The Creator never made any human different, we did so. If we had the guts to make it, we sure as hell have the courage to break it too. The walls need to be broken. We need to get out of our luxurious bubbles we live in and instead put a pinch of a reality check in our ‘lives’.


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