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Head vs Heart

The one who is reading this may be you are a teenager, may be your  adult or a aged person, this is the thing which we all are facing in each phase of our lives. We all are dealing with this battle everyday sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sometimes, this leads us to a greatest pleasure of our lives or sometimes we end up with  lifetime regression. In this battle , there is no winner or loser in both the cases “WE are responsible to became a Dictator or a Victim”; its  just a matter of “SELECTION” selecting your head or your heart. Yes you got me right the battle is between our head and heart.

Everyday we come across millions of things in which we have to choose over our head and heart. It starts right from the morning itself. For example: Getting up in the morning from bed our HEART says ” Have a sleep dear you still have time “ while HEAD says “ Get up you fool you are running late” ; At the time of having breakfast our Heart says” Look at those aloo paratha soo yummy go for it” while HEAD says ‘No no are you nuts you on diet no ways you are going to have that much calories”; Or When you on shopping and you are buying a stilettos heels HEART says “ Wow just perfect you gonna look amazing” and HEAD says” Ohh c’mon you won’t be comfortable in those stilettos go for something in flats”

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As you can see our Head always goes with the long term solutions it takes every decision by thinking logically, analytically, calculating from all the possible ways with all IF’s &BUT’s with all pro’s and con’s.

But our heart it just know how to feel, without any measurements it just takes all decisions emotionally and sentiment based , it always follows the intuitions, gut feelings doesn’t go for any IF’s & BUT’s it just do what it feels right at that time.  

Let me ask you one thing, How many  times you have told yourself that you are not going to repeat that mistake again? Or How many times you have told yourself that you don’t care about that person? Or How many times you have just pretended to be the one who you are not?  

Many times I guess, you can see the moment when you say, you are not going to repeat that mistake again because you know how much your heart got hurt the very first time so your brain direct you to that consequence; The time when you are saying you don’t care but you know deep down the heart you do you always do; the time when you are pretending you know that you are faking it but you even know sometimes being fake is easier than revealing what you actually feel. You can see the fight between mind and heart is for sure very real and might be serious sometimes.

Let me tell you a short story about girl named Naina like us she is also struggling between her heart and mind always. When is was at turning stage of her life the time when she need to choose her career   she was confused, because at Heart she always wanted to do something big in life and to become famous so she always wanted to become an Actor; but at Head she was thinking what if selecting Acting turns out a wrong decision and I will ruin my whole life I can never come back at this stage again and as her family says the one who is born and brought up in middle class family doesn’t belongs to that world. She was not able to come on one conclusion every time the voices of her heart and head pop up and make her  more confused this mess continued till a week and finally her Head won she diverted her mind from being an Actor to Doctor.

Years passed by after her hard work and dedication there she was a successful Doctor , a proud daughter, every ones role model she have achieved everything in her life, but deep down she was not happy because she knows somewhere between all this her desire her passion of doing something big in life was dying. She always keep thinking about this but she never landed upon a solution for her happiness. One fine day when she was on her way for clinic she saw a lady crying she went ahead and ask what’s wrong with her the lady replied “My child is suffering from very high fever and I have no money to take him to doctor or buy medicines “  tears rolled down form Naina’s eyes after listening what she said, she took that child to her clinic and aided him gave all the medicines for free, while leaving the clinic lady said ”You came like a angel in my life god bless you always be happy “ and left the clinic. The moment lady left  Naina got one thing straight in her mind the thing which she was always  searching for, the solution for her happiness now this was time when she has to listen of her heart. After a month she had open her new clinic for the one who wasn’t capable of proper medication and today she thinks she has achieved everything in her life. She always keep saying this line “You will never find peace of your mind until you listen to your heart

Story end my friends as you can see from this story we get to know that neither the decision of Head nor Heart was wrong its just matter of picking up the right voice at right time and then never regret on that. Every decision which we make have some or the other consequences its just matter of selecting the perfect consequence which you can face fearlessly. Every decision which we make should be a perfect combo of our head and heart . And in the end of this article I just wanted to say

Always think from your Heart but don’t forget to take your Head with you


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