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Top 10 Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs

The rate at which the population is rising, the no of job vacancies are getting low. So maybe that’s why people are ready to do any kind of job. It doesn’t matter at all whether that is risky or dangerous. I know we must not judge any job as no job is good or bad but yes there are some jobs which are highly risky. If you are concerned about your own safety or care you family and don’t want to hurt them, then please avoid the following jobs. And if you are compelled to do it due to some reasons then guys please be safe. – A true well wisher.


Yeah this job is highly risky. I guess none of us paid attention to the risk factor of this job because none of us are used to this profession. But the people who have taken this job as their profession only they knows how they are working. This job deals with electrical circuits, components or anything related to electricity. And electricity is something you can never have faith on. A little mistake can cost you life.

2.Fire Fighter

The people who opt for this job, seriously guys you deserve a salute from my side. Fire is most dangerous natural destruction. I guess destruction is the wrong word but most of the time the worst thing done by fire is destruction. To save this destruction, this people don’t give any damn about their life and jump into fire to save other’s life. Heroic isn’t it?

3.Tower Climbing

The people having acrophobia (fear of heights) only can understand how risky this job is. This job deals with climbing radio towers or any kind of towers for technical issues with signal and all. Basically the heights of the towers are 60 feet and more. Working on such a height, need lots of attention. So you can the risk factor in this job.

4.Truck Drivers

By the name, I don’t think anyone can predict the risk in this job. Yeah even though the risk factor is not that high, but still it’s risky. Being a truck driver you need to work 24 hours to complete your consignment. So driving 24 hours, especially at night hours, it’s damn risky.


Cutting woods might seem very easy for some people but yes this job is dangerous too as while cutting trees, if you lose your concentration then you might lose your body parts or even you life. So all the woodcutters out there, please be careful.

6.Constructions Site

The people working at construction sites are paid very less but they work at high risk I must say. Working at heights, that to on a building which is recently made needs a lot of guts.


This job is not that risky. But yes there is some risk factor like going for fishing during full moon or eclipse when the tides are very high. This is like life risk because working in seas and ocean is too dangerous sometimes as you can’t predict the flow of water at any point of time.



Pilots- I guess some are fascinated with the persons having the job of pilots but no one can guess the pressure on pilots. The whole plane is dependent on them and they fly at such a height so you can well guess the pressure and risk factor in this job.


Working underground, with no facilities is very painful. I guess you have heard of people dying inside a mine while bombarding and all? So I guess I need not say much about this.


Here we are not talking about the artists rather am saying about the house/building painters. They paint the house but the risk is while painting the upper floors specials, because it must be at a great height and they balance with a harness only. Seriously I get goose bumps when I see them working.

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Priyanka Priyadarshinee
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