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Akshay Varma is a professional writer, blogger, author, programmer, tech hobbyist and android developer. He enjoys the company of life and science. He is the author of two books. He loves writing on variety of topics and his passion is exploring new things. He aspires to become an Android Developer and a humanitarian with a dream to make an impact of the world for the better.
head vs heart

The Mind Secret: How to Manage Thoughts and Think Free

Have you ever spent the entire day doing nothing but wonder about your past or your future? There are days when people especially the...

How to Develop an Idea into a Great Story?

There is no shortage of Ideas in this world. Eight out of ten people you meet, would likely boast about their Ideas. This is...

Fresh Start-Up v/s Established Company: Which One is Better for You?

Students all over the world compete for success. To earn money, respect and honour is their goal. They also seek equal rights at work...
15 websites that will boost your productivity

Power of Internet: How to Find Anything On Internet

Internet, the network of networks is a wide spread web which connects us all. Internet affects not only the ones connected but also the...
new life

The Perfect Resolution for New Year

All over the world for the fans of Game of Thrones - Winter Is Coming! However, for almost every single person, the hot topic...

The Power Of Your Conscious Imagination

Life as we know it, emerged some billion years ago. With the possible explosion which Scientists today call “The Big Bang”, the universe came...