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Moving away yet bound together

Nostalgia a really beautiful thing to experience, meeting an old friend takes you back on a ride to your memories. The joys we share and the hardships we faced, the pranks we played and the fun we had. We may not realise it then but once we come out of that phase and walk ahead for too long, memories also walk down deep into our heart. That moment when we were together, may be the presence was not really felt and also taken for granted. But now when you walk away from me…my best friend…it will be really difficult to adjust with this void and pain. Here it is my verses for you but words could never be enough for this special bond…

Whenever the darkness blurred my vision, you have been the candle in my life.

Whenever I felt deeply degraded, you have been the encouragement in my life.

As the good and bad days danced alternatively, you have been the soothing rhythm in my life.

Whenever my temper shoots up and I go insane, you have been the mood swinger in my life.

Whenever I fly to the seventh sky in joy, you have been the ladder in my life.

As I suddenly slip and about to fall down, you have been the cushion in my life.

Today when waving a goodbye is hard, you are the anti-glycerine in my life.

You are and always will be special to me, you are the true meaning of friendship in my life.

This relationship couldn’t be tagged as friendship only, as you have always been more than that to me. Soul sisters, couldn’t be torn apart by distance, as it is just a measure of path. We will stay together till we breathe our last…

My special dedication to the special person.  




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