Nothing Going Right Just Go Left

If you’re reading this and you’re not happy right now, trust me you will be…Everyone has their own type of darkness that they’re trying to deal with and trying to make sense of, I don’t know what you’re going through right now I just want to say things will get better you will get better. If nothing going right just go left.

Refuse to give up

never-give-upIn life when you feel nothing going right just go left, but don’t you ever give up. Take a look around yourself take a good look, you’ll find lots of successful people around, you know what one thing they have in common “They refuse to give up add this note in your checklist. When you want to give up just remember why you started & if you’re working  on something exciting which you want bad enough and really cared about then you don’t have to be pushed the vision pulls you.

And if you’re afraid of what people will say , what they’re going to think about you, just don’t let their thought affect your dream. Let them talk, let them think shit about you, if you want something then just pull up your socks go for it take risk or else you’ll die wondering and we know greatest pleasure in life comes by doing the thing which people say you cannot do it.

I want to take you to flashback the time when you couldn’t even walk properly, everyday you used get up prepare yourself for a walk but the moment you stand you lose your balance & you fall, but it never matters you again the very next moment you get up and kept trying until one fine day you finally get up and walked.

Try again 

Try again Being a small kid when you fall you never quit because you were never afraid of falling.  You never afraid of trying you did want you always wanted to do is to walk no matter what. Then why now you’re afraid of getting up and trying be that “Baby” again who never gave up, It’s okay if you are failed now but you know what when you love success and start going for it, guess what happens you’re going fail. Yes, you’re going to fail 10 times…100 times maybe or even 1000 times but that’s Okay…Failure isn’t permanent… falling isn’t permanent. One day you going to get up and keep going but this time you gonna be stronger, wiser & even more optimistic like never before.

Love success

You have to love success that much that you’re never afraid of what going to comes in your way, you are going to tackle it and going to move on towards your goal. That how WINNER does. When you had decided to do this you’re going to shine like never before life will become brighter &you’ll become better, when you gonna look back on your darken days you’ll smile, maybe even laugh that’s the moment you’ll know you have achieved it.

“Kamre mai andhera hai aur aapko bulb jalana hai na…To switch board pe haat paar maarte rahoge na.. to kisi na kisi button se bulb jalegi boss”- Navin Bansal from TVF

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