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Reality Vs Illusion

My heart beats loud
I often wonder
About the deepness
Of this shallow world..
The anxiety to remain in limelight, the urge to go deep and find meanings..
The meaninglessness of this meaningful world drives me insane..
The ego wants quantity but the soul wants quality…
My heart beats loud..
The heart & mind in a different war discovering the hidden secrets, pursuing the way towards dreams…
A journey through illusionary world, baseless , not so worthy wordly treasures that seems a little precious..
That desire to let go and that decision to hold on drives me insane..
Human is only intelligent upto this extent that when you call him an animal he offends, and call him a lion he feels pride…
My heart beats loud, oh the double standards, the impositions, suppression, the pain….
Its only after a nightmare that i can stand next to a beautiful soothing morning…
Then I realize the journey is more beautiful than destination, I found the light in wounds..
I am my own sunshine, i am the treasure, the deep secrets,  meanings are hidden in me..I hold on the power to create my own world, to sculpt myself and my journey…
Let the storm rage on, let the volcano erupt, let there be light and thunder, let there be fear and gloom..
As i have reached to eternal happiness, i have learnt to sail my ship..there are cold breeze in me, the depth in which an ocean may drown..
I am perfect in my own imperfection, i have transformed into a beauty out of my ugliness, might be i am a sheep but i own the courage to command the army of lions..
Now i know there will be a sunshine after darkness..
Let the storm rage on, my heart beats high with a sigh but i sleep with peace to beat the storm….
Let the spring arrives and let it blossom my garden of dreams, let the thorns grew i will dissolve and transform them into the Azalea ( flower)…
The snow began to fall again, its not just freezing of water, its chilling  isn’t it?  No, Its gentle touch , a white pure peaceful cover all over the dirt, its playful nature, such beautiful scenario it creates , the magic that spells pleases my mind aesthetically, gives me warmth, relief….
The moon with its divine light enlightens the dark sky, makes me calm and cool..normal isn’t it? No, inspiring
Let me be the moon, let me be the light…let my sparkling wings develop and i will fly high…..
There is music , there is freedom in me..
Every mere thing is making it more elegant,
Let me conquer this illusionary world…to free myself out of all the fear, to rise with grace & power,
I must create my own paradise, my own universe……
My heart beats loud….
An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.

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