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Putting down the story: Career as a Writer

Every human on this Earth knows how to write. It’s our daily activity – whether writing a slogan, a diary, an article, poetry, grocery list, and so many more things, yet we do write. It isn’t a complicated thing. Writing doesn’t come by birth – it comes with practice and learning. And it all starts when we’re kids. Some write just like that, like a daily ritual but when your writing creates a certain impact on the society, it has some meaning, it dictates a story and it holds an audience, well, then I guess you’re a WRITER.

Writing is a magic that takes you to a thought-process and lets you have a different perspective towards each thing. For example – reading a novel, or reading a comic book, or even reading a news article. It gives you a certain perspective, it makes you think towards society, life or the related topic.

Woman freelancer female hands with pen writing on notebook at home or office
Woman freelancer female hands with pen writing on notebook at office.

A writer’s life is not easy and neither is the beginning. A writer begins with writing small piece-works or internships for various start-ups. Writing short-term pieces prepare you for the long-term. It really helps you in grooming towards being a professional writer. Also, a very important thing to remember is – CREATIVITY. A writer needs to play with creativity in his or her writings, it has to have that element that when your boss reads it, he just approves it without giving a second thought. Alongside writing, a writer also learns to meet deadlines, work with an editor and being humble.

Hippie Musician Songwriter Writing Concept
Hippie Musician Songwriter Writing Concept

An important mindset but be taken in the care of which is – “Read and Write”. People often tend to take this the other way around. But it has to be that you read about what you’re writing, gather facts, figures, information around and then write. It makes your writing more impactful to which the readers believe easily.

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Taking criticism is yet another point to be noted. It’s hard but healthy. If you’re going well, be humble as well. A criticism is only good for you, as we all learn from our mistakes and then eventually grow into it for our betterment. And if you’re not experiencing criticism at any point, you’re probably hiding.

I know you’ll feel in the beginning that you’re not getting paid enough but don’t worry, IT PAYS. Still, there’s nothing like quite getting your first cheque? Isn’t it? Writing teaches you how to manage your time, what you’re really worth. It all is really helpful.

We’ve all heard – Small wins that build momentum over time. Well, don’t stop yourself from getting it. It all begins by reading a book, it helps gallop lots of information which helps in writing. You can begin by writing reviews, min-blogs and hear what your readers have to say about it. The relationship between you and your writing needs to be strong.

And you know what the best part is – Your piece is one of its own. It comes naturally and you start enjoying it rather than taking it as a burden.

A writer must-haves:

  • Determination
  • Patience

To pursue a career as a writer – any degree works best as it makes you informative in that particular lead. But the ones who do literary courses have one step ahead.

Along comes types of writers:

A writer needs to open up about his thoughts which eventually results in a masterpiece.

Do you want to tell your story of becoming a writer?? Please comment down.


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