Top 5 novels by Keigo Higashino

There are very few precious and beautifully written mystery novels which can keep you successfully glued till the end. Keigo Higashino is one of those rare writers who make you astounded at the most unexpected moments with the sudden twists and turns. He is a renowned Japanese author whose works are adapted in many films and television series of various languages. Here is the list of his top 5 novels which can easily trap you into his mysterious world:

The Devotion of Suspect X

 Keigo Higashino

The story is about a divorced single mother, Yasuko Hanaoka who accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband. Ishigami, an immensely intelligent middle school teacher got entangled with her in covering up her crime, while the clever Dr. Manabu Yukawa challenged his abilities in order to solve the murder. This is one of the best and famous novels of Keigo Higashino. Though it is the third book in his Detective Galileo series, it is not required to read the previous ones due to lack of information. Each and every novel is independent on its own. The Devotion of Suspect X is unique for its mind-blowing thrill, astonishing attitude and well descriptive police procedurals.

Salvation of a Saint

 Keigo Higashino

Salvation of a saint is the fourth novel in the Detective Galileo series. It tells the story about Ayane who is an obvious suspect of her husband’s murder, but there is no evidence against her. Here, arrives professor Manabu Yukawa who decides to solve this case against all the odds. This novel has the same gripping storyline like The Devotion of Suspect X and serves you an equal level of depth in the story and the characters.

Journey under the midnight sun

 Keigo Higashino

Journey under the midnight sun is about a murder in an abandoned building in Osaka in 1973. This case revolved around two prime suspects and remained unsolved for 20 years. This epic mystery has a unique point of views, narration, and plot. The most important part of this novel are the in-depth details throughout the book. Though, the novel is lengthy, but, it’s stark and intriguing. However, it is more of a crime thriller than a mystery. Once you start reading it, the length of the book and complicated details will seem nothing. An absolute masterpiece!


 Keigo Higashino

Malice features detective, Kyoichiro Kaga, one of the most popular creations of Keigo Higashino. The story is about a mysterious brutal murder of a bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka whose body was found by his wife and best friend. The plot revolves around the hatred, jealousy, ambitions and rivalry of the characters. It is a perfectly paced mystery novel with the right amount of twists and turns needed to keep you always on edge. Like most of Keigo Higashino’s novels, it has the same feels of finding each piece of puzzle and putting them together to reach the astonishing end.


Top 5 novels by Keigo Higashino

Naoko is a black comedy and social satire of “hidden minds and lives”. The story revolves around a factory worker, Heisuke and his daughter, Monami. After an accident, Monami woke from coma and thought that she is her mother Naoko who had died saving her. Here, started the disturbing life of a man who had to live with her daughter who seemed like his wife as she knew each and every details about Naoko. It starts with a domestic comedy but will break you with unexpected “soul-shattering” ending. This novel perfectly portrays the gap between real and unreal leading you to a rollercoaster of emotions with ultimate twists and turns. If you are ready to be emotionally battered and hand yourself in the absolute purgatory mode, then go for it. No regrets!

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