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How To Avoid Payment Frauds In Writing Field

Content writing is right now one of the most flexible and comfortable way of earning a living. Millions of individuals from the comforts of their home can earn any amount of money depending on the hard work they can provide. However, these days a very sad trend is being observed and the internet is flooded with the subject that there are many employers who deliberately run away when the time comes to pay the writers.

To be really official, this type of fraudulent activity comes directly under CYBER CRIME. And yes, it can be traced and it can definitely be fought.

But there are certain conditions which need to be at your defense for you to fight such legal cases. Here are some tips which a writer can take care of before beginning an assignment. There is no month writing for weeks and months delivering huge amount of articles and then ending up getting nothing in return.

  • Id Proof – We all are aware of the fact that when we are hired by a company offline we are asked to submit our id proofs like the Voters card, Aadhar card, Pan or Drivers License. The id proofs are asked not to show that a candidate is not been trusted. But to keep as official records so if someday any crime occurs in relation with the individual hired one can be sure about his whereabouts.So, why not ask for id proofs from the employers giving you freelance content writing works? It will make life easier for both the teams. A genuine employer will have no issues sending over his or her identification. However, an employer who hesitates and avoid is the first sign of being a fraud individual.identificationproof
  • Choose Phone Over Chat – It is recommended to speak to your employer when first time the work agreement is being discussed on phone. Choosing phone in place of chat can really be an added advantage. These days a variety of mobile apps like True caller can help you even locate the employer’s place. All these at some later point of time can help you out in case you face any payment issues with this person.phonecalling
  • Share Knowledge – It is the duty of the victim to always make the fellow writers aware. With the help of internet, blogs and websites spreading news is now not a big difficult task. Once faced with such incident it is always better to share everything about it in blogs so new writers can take proper precautions.
    How To Avoid Payment Frauds In Writing Field

One must understand that the CYBER CRIME division can easily be approached and a case can be fought. However, the first thing they will ask is why we have not taken proper id proofs of the employer before accepting the work. Since, there are no contracts or agreements or NDAs signed at the time when an employer’s gives us content writing work, fetching ids is the only way remains to safeguard you.

So, stand up for what is rightful and do not fear or be ashamed to ask for a fair deal! It is a request to all such individuals who are affected with such kind of events to inform us the names of these employers whom every one must be aware of.


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