This Is What Happens To Your Body If You’re Obsessed With Fruit Juice

Are you obsessed with drinking fruit juice every single day? Or if I would say, are you pretty addicted to fruit juice? Have you been drinking a lot of fruit juice at least? If yes, then you must know about its potential consequences, and so here I am. This article primarily outlines the conceivable merits along with the probable downsides if you’re in a habit of drinking fruit juice every single day.

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Undoubtedly, fruit juices are the one among all other morning immunizations for many of us. But have you ever wondered in the way that what it does to your health? Of course, I am digging into both the spectacles, including its upsides as well as its downsides. Let’s figure out what happens to your body if fruit juice has been your ideal companion at your breakfast table. Does it cause you to gain weight? Will your blood sugar liven up? Or is the juice being the culprit who’s ruining your teeth? Well, who knows!

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1. You get ample of nutrients

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Let’s start with the A-1 positive payoff of drinking fruit juice every day. Freshly prepared juices are primarily jam-packed with tons of essential vitamins and minerals. That 1 cup of orange juice, will feed you with almost 125 mg of Vitamin C. Well, will you believe if I mention that’s about 138% of your daily recommended Vitamin intake. 

Wanna know about some other healthier options? Pomegranate juice can provide you with a decent balance of the amount of VitaminC, Potassium, and Iron. 1 glass of it, gives you 5% daily dietary fiber. A daily dose of fruit juice can nurture you with some certain vital antioxidants. These mainly include Flavonoids, Carotenoids, and Polyphenols. These antioxidants will bust-up against the free radicals and henceforth reduces your liability of getting unwell.

2. You may undergo leisure weight gain

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 If you’re on a strict diet regime, then you must hold back from fruit juice. Much synonymous with soda, everyday imbibing of fruit juice will drive you to nothing but unnecessary weight gain. You may think in this way about how much sugar intake you’re procuring by drinking 1 glass of fruit juice. Just 1 glass of orange juice will feed you with 10% of daily recommended carbs. Well, this is around 20 grams of sugar. The mediocre grown male is favored to have at most 36 grams of sugar a day. And with that of an average grown female is about 25 grams every day.

Correspondingly, fruit juices are low in fiber as compared to when they are in their raw state. That being the case, your stomach will not exemplify to be full. Thereafter, persuading you to drink more from that packet of orange juice. In addition to that, whatever high-carb food you’re having for breakfast, drinking extra calories alone dumps you at risk of gaining weight. This happens as fruit juice is not only an appetizing option but it is super convenient to slurp up. You’re probably not bothering about those extra calories you’re taking in. Drinking fruit juice every single day will trail over your waistline. Before everything, if you’re in full swing with your fitness goals, then it’s the right time for you to mark down from fruit juices.

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3. You’ll have a healthier heart

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It may not be a healthier choice for your blood sugar, but a healthy amount of fruit juice can assuredly do wonders with your blood pressure. As specified, fruit juices are rich in vitamins and potassium content. And here, the potassium is the one that stimulates toward a healthier heart while managing hypertension. Apart from orange juice, pomegranate juice is even very productive to deal with high blood pressure that is hypertension.

4. Your immune system will get an upward turn

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Unquestionably, a glass of healthy fruit juice will eventually strengthen your immunity. This will sequentially reduce your chances of getting ill. Vitamin C in citrus fruit gives the ultimate punch. Having enough proportion of Vitamin C will help renew your damaged tissues. Research exhibits that people with low Vitamin C take a much longer time for their wounds to heal. Likewise, fruits juices with Folate and Magnesium content will be a bang. Now that, these two comprise anti-inflammatory effects, which will conclusively aid to lower your risk of infection.

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5. Unhealthy for your teeth

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Juices made from citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, grapefruits, and many others contain a load of acids that will significantly eat away your tooth enamel. You know right; the protective outer layer of your teeth is in double trouble which is primarily meant to prevent your teeth from decaying. When you drink fruit juice as a daily routine, you’re probably exposing your teeth to a pile of citric acids. However, if this is a day-to-day thing, then your tooth enamel will be massacred, and eventually, it will get eroded. And If this is unconsidered, then it may even channel to cavities. 

What’s even poorer? Orange juice predominantly has the competence to deteriorate your tooth enamel by about 84%. Even fruit juice that is largely made from limes and cranberries is considered to be much more citric than vinegar. On top of that, it is recommended not to drink fruit juice just before you go to bed. As it will leave your teeth masked with sugar in the form of fructose which feeds the bacteria and further proffers to tooth decay.

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6. Increase the threat of Diabetes

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As you know, most of the fruit juices are loaded with sugar in the form of fructose. And too much of it will certainly cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up. This in turn will result in hyperglycemia

Ok; will come to that 1 glass of orange juice again! The impact of orange juice on your blood sugar can be as such. The glycemic index ranks between 66-70 out of 100. However, people with low blood sugar can considerably opt for drinking 1 glass of orange juice every day, to lever up their sugar level.

7. Elevate your brain function

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Well, will finally come back to the positive upsides one more time. A freshly prepared glass of fruit juice every day is what your brain might wish to hover in optimum health and shape. Yes, you read that true. Improved cognitive function is significantly intermingled with having 1 glass of fruit juice daily. The reason being high antioxidants and nutrient content in fruit juices. 

Studies reveal that those who drink a healthier amount of fruit juice in their 40’s and 50’s will be less likely to suffer from cognitive decline later in their lives. What’s more there? Out of other fruit juices, orange juice was shown to be the healthiest for them. For reasons of orange juice constitutes carotenoids, Vitamins C, B1, and B6. On that account, a daily intake of 1 glass of orange juice can remarkably elevate your brain function.

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