Here’re 8 Things You Need To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

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Most of us know and even approbate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism and jam-packs you with ample energy so that you can dispatch your day-to-day work or enterprises. It’s always recommended that you should have your breakfast at least within 2 hours after you wake up. Nutritionists endorse that you should give your digestive system enough time to start functioning after those stretched-out hours of sleep. 

When it comes to breakfast, of course, we are well aware of the healthy eating habits or things we should or shouldn’t negotiate. Yet, there are some things and certain surprising foods that may distress your stomach if that seems to your first thing in the morning. Besides unlike other meals, breakfast is the only meal that we eat on a fully empty stomach. Well, you know what I mean! And so, your empty stomach appears to be much sensitive to what you put or carry out in the first place in the peep of your day. It may not always be fair to eat what you crave for or feel like. Despite that, some foods may strike as being “healthy” but the bottom line is that they may wreak havoc on your gut if consumed the first thing on an empty stomach.

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Up ahead are 8 things you should try to avoid on an empty stomach.

1. Sipping up a cup of Coffee or Tea

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Unquestionably, to kick start your day and especially for your mind hot coffee or tea works as the calming broker. But as far as the health prospect is concerned. Having a cup of coffee or tea first in the morning on an empty stomach can indeed lead to acidity, gastritis, bloating, and a few other lifestyle issues.

However, most Indian people begin their morning by sipping down on a cup of hot coffee or tea. But have you ever considered how it can be gradually affecting your body? Their day seems to be incomplete without this everyday custom. But then again changing this routine practice might take an eternity, but there’s a saying, “the sooner, the better”. Even though beginning your day with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee gives the impulse needed for the day. But correspondingly it escorts to the secretion of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which further is the cause of bloating and acidity.

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2. Taking anti-inflammatories on an empty stomach

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Keep in mind that aspirin, paracetamol, and the other non-steroidal anti inflammatories drugs can’t be taken on an empty stomach. Not because it remarkably transmutes their effectiveness but it may even cause severe health disorders. One such issue that you may face is Gastric Bleeding. However, as a conventional rule, you shouldn’t be taking any medicine on an empty stomach unless you’re either being prescribed by your doctor or specifically required to do so. What if you’ve already had one? Here’s one piece of advice. Milk can depreciate the negative effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Subsequently, it would be a good idea to gobble up your medicine with a glass of milk or a lot of water.

3. Munching on raw vegetables or salads

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This spec must be taken into consideration specifically by those who are on an ongoing diet regime. No doubt, salads are healthy and a must-include in your diet. But this may not be a healthy option on an empty stomach or a first thing in the morning. As they are jam-packed and bundled with coarse fiber which may put an extra load on your empty tummy. What’s even poorer? Chomping down on a plate of salad on an empty stomach may cause you to suffer from flatulence and abdominal pain, not sooner but maybe in the long run. Well, who knows?

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4. You shouldn’t chew gum on an empty stomach

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When you chew your gum, your organisms interpret that you’re eating food that will have to be digested pretty soon. Henceforth, your stomach starts secreting digestive acid which will steadily destroy it’s lining if it remains empty. This means that overindulgence with chewing gum on an empty stomach is a certain way to elevate gastritis, which may not be sooner but later in the short term. 

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that people who chew gum mostly prefer or crave junk foods. Instead of healthy options like fruits and vegetables. If you’re in a habit of chewing gum and can’t give up on it, then here’s some advice for you. Chewing gum that consists of natural sweeteners like xylitol or sorbitol is far less unhealthy than those having refined sweeteners. Well, here’s one more opinion. And that is; you must avoid chewing gum for more than 10 minutes even with a stuffed stomach.

5. Biting on citrus fruits

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Undoubtedly, fruits have always been considered to be very healthy if and only if you have them at the right time throughout the day. Ever analyzed that having citrus fruits right the first thing in the morning may increase acid production in your stomach. Furthermore, too much content of tough fiber and fructose in fruits can even lead to slow down your digestion. Especially fruits with high fiber content such as guava, oranges, and others need to be held off on an empty stomach.

6. Intake of cold beverages

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The first thing we eat or carry out in the morning sets forth the course for the rest of the day. As specified, starting your day with a glass of warm water and a dash of honey is one of the best alternatives. However, many of us are still tempted for that chilled iced coffee or tea, especially in summers. Drinking iced beverages on an empty stomach may make your digestion inert and inactive by consistently damaging your mucous membrane. On the contrary, sipping on warm, non-caffeinated beverages helps to kick-start your sleepy digestive system as well as your overall metabolism.

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7. Don’t carry out an intense workout with an empty stomach

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There’s a conventional misconception that exercising on an empty stomach would help you burn more calories. But, this fact is not true at all. Of course, it doesn’t impact more fat loss. On the contrary, muscle loss is pretty real. Moreover, the intensity of your workout gradually reduces since your body shortfalls the implicit energy from food. Here’s what you can opt for. You must try switching intense training with some aerobic exercise. You can even have a high-protein healthy snack before exercising specifically if you face any kind of digestive issue.

8. Having sugary foods or drinks

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Nonetheless, the majority of us may consider or appraise sipping a glass of fresh fruit juice as one of those healthy ways to start your day. Believe it or not, some Nutritionists will advise you to avoid having that tall glass of fruit juice as the very first thing in the morning. The reason behind this is that it may put an extra burden on your pancreas that is still waking up after long hours of sleep.

Nothing can beat having just 2 glasses of plain warm water on an empty stomach. It’s the best thing you can do to your gut. These fruit juices are packed with sugar in the form of fructose that may be responsible for causing overwork on your liver. What’s more? Processed sugar is even worse than you have ever wondered to be. So, try to avoid overly sugary foods and drinks the very first thing in the morning that is on an empty stomach.

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