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Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk

Is your tooth pain driving you insane? Well after dealing with a lot of patients daily, I too can understand your pain. Oral health might have always been a neglected part of our lives. But seriously guys, when you get a toothache, its similar to a woman bearing pain while giving birth to baby. Lockdown is going on throughout the cities, but tooth pain does not come with a doorbell. When you get one you become irresistible. So here presenting a few home remedies that will not permanently heal your problem. Yes! but can give you a bit of relief for sure. These are the perfect solution when you are left with no option to visit a dentist. Well, I am myself a dentist and that says you can flourish some trust in me.

Also, remember that severe spontaneous tooth pain doesn’t vanish on your own. If it has done without any remedy of course then it’s even more dangerous. An infection might have already spread to your dental nerves silently. This can cause other serious oral health problems in the long run.


Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Close up glass bottle of clove oil and cloves in wooden shovel on burlap sack. Essential oil of clove rustic style background spice concept

Having tooth pain is quite common these days. Bite a clove in between your teeth. Or you can apply  a bit of clove oil in the gums of the painful tooth with the help of cotton. Isn’t that easy? And you will feel the difference too! The fact is clove contains eugenol which will eventually anesthetize your dental nerves radiating pain.

Note – Remember don’t apply it for a longer time as it may cause a chemical burn to your oral mucosa



Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Portion of Crushed Garlic (close-up shot) on wooden background

Crushed garlic along with rock salt can be applied to your teeth which will provide relief from tooth pain. As garlic contains allicin, a compound that has both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This sounds cool right crushing your garlic for some dish and some for your precious teeth too?

Note-  But if you use it on a larger quantity, it may give you a bad breathe too.

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Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Female drinking from a glass of water. Health care concept photo, lifestyle, close up

Salt and lukewarm water rinses for around 30-45 seconds helps in killing bacteria during toothache and provide some relief. A string of dental floss is also recommended to remove any food particles stuck in between your teeth. As an alternative to it, a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water can also be used for rinsing your oral cavity. 



Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
a man icing his tooth due to pain isolated on white.

Did you or your loved ones ever faced any swelling on face or pain in your teeth? If so do apply ice pack compresses on your affected cheek. It may help to some extent to ease your pain and swelling too. Swelling might be an indication of teeth abscess, pus, and gunk deep in your tooth roots. Mild symptoms of fever and reddish gums might also occur.

Note – Don’t apply warm compresses as it results in radiating of infection to surrounding regions. This will lead to a more serious swelling complication.

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Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Handing holding milk teeth and little root with tweezer over a glass of milk isolated on white background.

If your tooth has been knocked out due to trauma don’t panic. Hold it with fingers at the crown portion of the tooth. Wash it thoroughly with fresh water and try to put it back in the socket. The other option is to store the avulsed tooth underneath your tongue in contact with saliva. Now you might be thinking why would I ever do so? But believe me this helps. You can also store it in a glass of milk rather than throwing the teeth away. Then do make an appointment with your nearest dentist to the hospital.

Note– Do not hold the teeth in the root portion since it can damage periodontal fibers of the teeth


Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Young woman having a toothache and holding an ice pack isolated on white background

The joint that helps your jaw moving up and down, sideways to speak, eat or yawn is all because of the temporomandibular joint. Sudden pain while opening and closing of jaws or having a clicking sound is very common. The ultimate remedy I would suggest is the application of hot and cold packs alternatively to the region. Apply cold compresses like icepack to the side of your face. And when you are done with it, go for a hot warm towel and apply it for about 5 minutes. Also go for a soft diet like yogurt, cottage cheese/paneer, mashed potatoes, etc. Avoid sudden and excessive mouth opening activities. Perform these activities daily for some days and you might feel a difference.


Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Color photo of a crying baby suffering through the teething pain of new teeth coming in.

Is your baby is crying in his teething days due to severe discomfort? Don’t panic, that’s quite normal. He/she is getting ready for a big change in their life. Be happy and try these simple tips. Use a clean finger or wet gauze to rub your baby’s gums. The pressure exerted can ease your baby’s discomfort. Pass him/hera cold spoon or chilled teething ring which can be a soothing option on a baby’s gums.

 Note– Remember guys, don’t dip any of these items in sugary syrup, it will cause cavities.


Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Fresh aloe vera stem and gel on wooden table, skin therapy concept, copy space

Aloe vera gel has a self-healing property. It can soothe any skin burn. So the same goes for your oral cavity. Apply it in your burning mouth and get soothing relief.



Quick Home Remedies For Oral Health Problems – A Dentist Talk
Freh turmeric roots and turmeric powder in a wooden bowl on rustic wood

Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic, which is used in almost all Indian dishes from our ancestors’ time. You might have heard your mom asking to have you Haldi wala doodh during your sick days. Well, turmeric fights infections guys. It’s proven. Being an antimicrobial agent, it provides relief from inflammation and pain from the commonly occurring mouth ulcers.  Apart from that, the main mantra is to remove the stress factor from your life. 

So these are some of the simple tips you can follow before you actually visit your dentist. They can provide instant temporary relief to your teeth. But do visit your dentist. In the end, it is important to get rid of your oral problem permanently. 

Hope these tips will be helpful for you all. Stay healthy and keep spreading your beautiful smiles!

Dr Dipshikha Das loves to create magic through her words. The perfect blend of a keen researcher, dentist, blogger and a content writer. Currently a postgraduate student in the speciality of public health dentistry, she believes that to create a spark amongst us pouring your heart out through writing can definitely make a great impact.


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