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Tips to improve memory and concentration

Whether you are trying to remember an answer for an exam or something as simple as remembering what you ate for lunch, forgetfulness can cause frustration. Memories are an integral part of our personality and it has become a necessity for the brain to work to its 100% capacity always.

Scientists have found that our memory capacity is malleable like plastic. So, if you are looking for ways to sharpen your memory, boost your concentration, or preserve your memory as you age, these tips are tried and tested and will surely work it all for you.

Brain-Boosting Diet for your memory-

Just like your body needs food to fuel it, even your brain needs it. It is important to keep a diet with healthy fats and lean proteins to improve memory. So here is a list of what to eat and what not to:

  • Fish oil supplements- fish oil is rich in omega 3. Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids are healthy for the brain. You can either eat fish or have cod-liver oil capsules
  • Other sources of omega 3- veg alternatives of omega 3 are- walnuts, flaxseed, kidney beans, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, spinach and soybeans
  • Reduce saturated fat- diets rich in saturated fat like butter, red meat, ice cream, fried food, etc. can increase the risk of dementia
  • Chose diet rich in anti-oxidants- these include having a lot of fruits and vegetables.  They prevent your brain cell from damage.
  • Drink green tea- it is another good source of anti-oxidant. It has many advantages which include more alertness and slow brain ageing.
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Fun Way To Learn-

Always find a new way to learn a boring topic. Give your 100% attention when you are learning a new topic. You can’t memorise it unless you are interested in it.

  • Summarise– at the end summarise what all you studied. Reorganise what you know, and what you found difficult.
  • Relate information to what you know- relating will help you memorise faster and new information will be easily contextualised
  • Involve all senses- the act of re-writing the information can imprint it in your brain. Picture it with various colors, texture and smell
  • Use mnemonics these are clues that help us to remember something by relating it to a sentence or word.

Get enough sleep for a healthy mind

Sleep improves attention and plays an important role in memory consolidation. Your body needs a proper sleep of 7.5-9 hours, less than that will make you sleep-deprived. Research has shown that lack of sleep can impact your memory negatively.

  • Maintain a sleep schedule- remember- “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. So, maintain a proper time to sleep and don’t break the schedule even on weekends.
  • No screen before sleeping- the blue light emitted from your electronic device affects your sleep negatively.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle for better memory

It has been found that Obesity is associated with developing Alzheimer’s. Along with mental exercise, physical exercise is also important to keep your mind sharp. Maintaining healthy body weight is the best way to keep your body and mind up all the time.

  • Less alcohol- having a drink or two, once in a while is fine. But binge drinking alcohol can destroy the hippocampus, the part of the brain that plays an important role in memory.
  • Get physical- even 15 minutes of moderate exercise (or even walking) leads to an increase in the cognitive performance of the brain at all ages. Regular exercise also helps to decrease the risks of dementia.
  • Stress management- keep a balance between work and leisure life. Learn to take breaks throughout the day and instead of multi-tasking, perform one task at a time.

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Meditate to keep yourself calm-

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There are many advantages to meditation. It helps to improve concentration and focus. It can re-wire the brain. Meditation soothes your muscles and reduces stress. it also increases the Gray matter which contains neuron cells in the brain.

  • Mindfulness- it helps to reduce age-relative cognitive decline. Incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily life to see the change.
  • Enjoy nature- getting out and connecting to nature is important for physical and mental health
  • Yoga- yoga involves breathing from the diaphragm which increases out oxygen intake thus improving mental functions


Just like other skills, even our memory is a skill which can be improved with proper practice and healthy habits. Don’t forget laughing. Laughter is the best medicine for both the brain and the body. Enjoying some cocoa-rich chocolate and reducing sugar intake is also healthy.

So, start adding these tips to your daily routine and boost your brain to its ultra-mode.

Kavya Gupta
Kavya Gupta
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