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Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Who doesn’t want to look glamorous on her wedding day and flaunt their looks! You can’t go without a fabulous hairdo and makeup. Bridal Makeup not only enhances your beauty but also boosts the self-confidence of the bride. Getting the perfect bridal is not impossible now, here are some tips for Brides to ace their Bridal looks.

Using Base for your Foundation.

Many people don’t go for a primer, and that’s where they are wrong. To set the base of the foundation, we need to apply a primer beforehand, which not only makes the foundation stick to the skin but also makes it lasts longer. Depending upon your type of skin, different people need different primers. Always use a good quality of products for the skin.

Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides
Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Select the right tone foundation for your skin. To blend in the foundation with your skin color, whether it be light, fair, medium, or dark. Make sure you use a soft blending brush or a beauty blender sponge to convert the face areas all even. The base foundation is something that you have to keep an eye on. Sometimes, it becomes a hard choice for you to choose the shade of the right foundation, and for this, you need to look out for the perfect shade. 

Highlight your Eyes and Brows.

Indian weddings always need an extra touch to the essential areas, eyes being one such. You need to select a color palette that matches your attire. Going very odd with the eyes is a risky card to play. Going for the eyes needs a little bit of practice and patience. One thing to keep in mind is to set the base for the eyes, which brings out the upper color most. If your wedding dress or Lehenga is Red in color, go with a bright shade of red, but before applying the color add a base color to pop the red up. The red and the orange colors are the new popping colors right now.

Take a look at your hair

It helps to bring down the shade to your hair with the highlights if you wish. You can scope out for the best hairstylist in Jaipur to get the work done. It will correctly work out for you if you choose a professional stylist for the design and the job too.

Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides
Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Doing the hairs only is not sufficient. For a statement bridal look, you need to shade your hair ideally suited out too. Understanding your hair color and shape helps a lot. Bring in the flare and light up the highlights with a styled source of combed look if you want. Go a little bold for your wedding. This way, you can make sure that all the eyes will be on you on your special day. 

Add blush to your glamour.

Going with the blush vagabond is a great idea. Hold your face in a smile position and apply in a circular motion, also blend in your blush upwards. Blush is a sense of extra touch to the front; it gives a sense of more warmness. The blush makeup ingredient brings the glam to your face.

Defining the Lips.

No makeup is complete without the use of Lipsticks. Applying lipstick is art. The main picture includes a lip shade that gives your look a more aesthetic look. Start by setting your lips to reduce discolouration and then lining your lips and then filling it up precisely, and extra care should be taken while doing this step. Always use a lipstick that stays longer and gives a fuller appearance — once done, blot lips on a piece of paper.

Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides
Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Blending in to Accentuate.

This tip involves the use of best features, beautify and highlight more of the features which are natural bliss. Blending in face area with the rest of the body is the key, use the same foundation for the neck area too.

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