You never Fail: Life gives you another chance

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Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. It is sometimes mysterious while sometimes magical. It is unpredictable. Life gives you a lot of experiences. Ups and downs are life’s way of mentoring you. Sometimes we are accompanied by success whereas sometimes we have to struggle with the failure.

Success enlightens our mood and brings us joy. Whereas failure is a hard situation to face. Not everyone can face that. Some people often end up their life too when they don’t find success in their path. This is a harsh truth of reality. We accept the success and misjudge the people who have failed. We need to mark the difference that Success is not everything. Even in experiments with chemicals, you never succeed at once. You always endeavor and give certain attempts until you find correctness in it.

I would say failure is not a situation where the other paths are closed. Failure is a situation where you get a chance to find the correct path for yourself, to think once again.

Life always gives you another chance in terms of failures. Life would be more exciting if you enjoy each and every situation. Failures teaches you a better experience that no-one else can. Failures guide you to lead yourself to the correct path. If you decide not to fight with such struggling situation of life, you are directly giving other people a chance to takeover and rule. Instead, you should accept your failures.

Always try to find the positive things. If you are able to look at each side positively, you can live your life in a much embracing manner.

Life gives you a another chance. It’s life’s way of saying : Go and give it one more try. You may find success in your path. Do a bit everyday. Surely, one day you will get accomplished.

People often will point out you and consider you to be the reason of your failure. They will give their judgments.
But fine. It’s completely OK. Everybody has their opinions. We should respect it. We should never let those opinions affect us. Instead we should always remember those words and try to make them one of our strengths.

Instead of negotiating the facts, we should accept the harsh truth and reality of life.

After all, failure is a proof that yes you tried something new. If after a failure, you stopped trying or you give up. You might never get success. Failure can be a key to success.

No teacher, no individual can guide what experiences guide you. So, Failure is also a sudden experience that guides you everything. You never fail until you decide to quit. You fail at the very moment when you lose all the hope. You should never lose hope. You should always try to find the solution. Be a solution-maker.

It is said that “practice makes a man perfect.” But, I would say not just practice but perfect practice makes a man perfect. If you give your 100%, you will definitely find success not immediately but definitely one day.

Keep Practicing. Never lose hope. Believe yourself. Always believe in action rather than words.

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