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Ukulele, the Magical Intrument

Jake Shimabukuro
A weapon to kill melancholy !


No no no! That is in no way a miniature version of the normal sized Guitar. Neither is it a toy! It’s a Hawaiian instrument called Ukulele. Yeah, UKULELE, you read that right! A very different name for a very different instrument.

You all must be thinking, “Why the heck is he telling that? It looks like a toy to me any day.” That’s what I am here for, because this small musical instrument is as phenomenal as your modern day Guitar. It has that ‘X- Factor’, that zing, an upbeat chunky sound and most importantly has the ability to spread smiles.

What separates a Ukulele and a Guitar is the fact that a Ukulele has 4 strings while the Guitar has 6. Hence, they are also tuned differently. Moreover, there are Ukuleles that are the size of a Guitar, hence it is not the size but the number of strings that differentiates the two.

Many modern day hits like Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Riptide, Banana Pancakes were composed and sung on this tiny instrument. Moreover, many other hits like Hey Soul Sister, I’m Yours, The Lazy Song sound amazing when given a unique ukulele twist. To be honest, any song played on Ukulele is a treat to listen to because it is way more versatile than you can imagine it to be.

Bollywood hasn’t still introduced it in any of the songs I know, but covering Bollywood songs over Ukulele brings peace and warmth to your heart. Songs like Mera Mann Kehne Laga, Kya Karoon and Give Me Some Sunshine are a delight to play on this instrument! Don’t believe me? Go watch some videos on YouTube and witness the magic.

Ukulele lets you connect to the crowd better than any other instrument out there. Playing it and singing brings the child out of you! AND THE BEST BIT, It’s really very easy to learn! All you need is Internet and Ukulele and boom! The world is in your hands.  In no time will you be able to play numerous songs on this instrument.

“Ukuleles will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through time with no Ukulele.”

So, I would suggest every one of you to go watch some videos of this instrument in action, fall in love with it, buy one and then see the world transform into a Paradise!


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