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Mission Bay

San Diego’s one of the most popular out-of-doors destinations, is a multifarious place with water-parks, local beaches and grassy, palm-topped recreation pathways. They are all dotted along the coastline while creating it as one of the prime human-made water-park in the state.

Mission Bay is square in shape, with land on all the four sides. Water is let in over the Mission Bay Channel, located in the South-west corner. A narrow peninsula is there on the Western side, with a single street from North and South direction successively, flanked between Fiesta Islet and Vacation Islet.

Mission Bay – Mission Possible

Mission Bay

Water-park is the ruling factor in Mission Bay, but one can always try hands, on kite flying, bird watching or ‘eat al fresco’! Maximum populace play with jet-skis and the like at the Eastern side of Mission Bay. Sailboats and boarders of the same can be seen at the Western side of the sea. Sailboats can be hired, along with kayaks. There is a provision of Mission Bay Sports Center, where one can always get all the above itineraries hired.

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Quality of water can be checked, of the sea, and whether the beaches are open for all and safe – these all things can be planned beforehand. There are various websites (local and international), which aid to all the basic requirement of any vacation. A proper report can also be asked from these all website, before venturing.

Sidestep Mission Bay!?

Parking one’s vehicle can be a big issue if arriving late. Though the place covers 4,200 acres of land, but in order to get a space, one has to arrive early, carrying a sufficient amount of eatables and beverages. Otherwise, the nearby store is not a bad idea, either!

Navigation via car is also a difficult job, as the majority of the streets are similar to freeways, having very little traffic (stop) lights, or where an individual can park the vehicle to check on the map. The signs and symbols on the street are hard to follow, as they are sometimes small! It is hence advisable to calculate in mind, as of where one is headed to, as sometimes the GPS or any kind of navigation app can be a bit problematic.

Mission Bay – Enjoy the Bay

The park adjacent has got several of the beach areas. One has to drive through, till he locates a decent place. Generally, the places or pockets alongside Interstate Highway 5 has a lot of noises from the surrounding places. But, one will learn at ignoring the same, and with the quieter parks along the bay, it can always turn out to be a good option. Places known as Ventura Cove and Bahia Point are truly amazing, as compared to the Mariner’s Point, just across the corner of the street.

Mission Bay has variations in working hours, and mostly all of them closes at a particular time. The lifeguards are always alert and on duty, even on weekends, irrespective of any season. Consumption of alcohol is strictly outlawed.

Mission Bay has calm and serene water, one should never get flowed with the same. Be cautious is always and any day recommended. There are various sharp drops at the shore, and a small child, who is waist-deep, if takes a single step ahead, might have the water over his head!

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There is a separate Dog Beach on the Fiesta Islet. The dogs are all allowed there. Otherwise, the dogs are only allowed on the beaches at the later part of the day. But the hours may vary, as according to the time of the year. A licensed dog is also allowed on the walkways, parks, which are situated near the beaches, provided they are tied to the leash. The recent time guidelines along with rules and regulations can be procured from the San Diego website.

Camp out at Mission Bay

A handful of places is there where one can camp out. They all are located in and around Mission Bay. They are hence highly recommended for an individual out for a vacation in San Diego. The various camping guides, as available can be a big help for the same.

More activities at Mission Bay

Apart from the beaches and parks, there are various other places of activities one can dive in. Various places, known as Sea World, Belmont Park come under tourist attraction.

In the Sea World, the killer whale known as Shamu is the star attraction. Apart from that, several other activities are there present.

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Belmont Park is an old-fashioned beachfront entertainment park, and that is the abode of the Giant Roller Coaster. Small and medium-size eateries can be found in and around the park.

Bonfires on beaches are fun at Mission Bay, and one can find the containers for beach bonfires, at various pockets. The timings of beach bonfires vary between morning 0500 hrs, till midnight. Many grocery stores near San Diego. Moreover, the rules are all available in details on the San Diego website.

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