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Top 10 Travel Destinations and Their Must-Dos

We opt to travel for a number of different reasons. Some just want to do a little soul searching. Others want to expand their horizon or experience different cultures. Whatever the reason they may have for traveling, it all boils down to creating memories. Memories last forever and they take a special place in our hearts.


Creating wonderful memories is like food for our soul. It enlightens us and makes us a better person. One effective way to create wonderful memories is by experience activities along the way. Each and every destination has some unique activities to offer. And I strongly urge you to experience them for yourself. It’s nice to take some pictures but it’s better when you have a story to tell.


Here are the top 10 travel activities you need to try:


Trekking  – Machu Picchu, PE

If walking is your favorite mode of transportation, then trekking is but a walk in a park for you. But it’s a different story when at the end of the trail is the ruins of an ancient civilization – welcome to the Inca Trail. Voted as one of the top 5 trekking adventures in the world, the Inca Trail is a 4-day trek to Machu Picchu. You get to see the story of a lost city in the midst of rugged mountain range and surrounded by beautiful scenery. After reaching the top, you get to be rewarded with the opportunity to explore the stunning well-preserved ruins of the South American past.


Canyoneering – Kawasan Falls, Cebu, PH

It you want to experience a total package of adventure with a dose of adrenaline, you need to try canyoneering. This activity is a journey from one point of a canyon to another, like going for a marathon, but using a great mix of hiking, scrambling, gliding, sliding, swimming, jumping and swinging. Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines offers a unique and extreme adventurous style of canyoneering. With its turquoise water, you will be mesmerized to jump and enjoy the waters. There are more than three jumping points in the journey with the highest at 60 feet.


Fishing – Mille Lacs Lake, MN

If you think fishing is all about relaxing, practicing patience and being calm, then think again. Visit the Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota and you will have a different understanding of fishing. This big but shallow lake is home to a great number of fish but most notoriously the smallmouth bass. Ranked as No. 1 for being the best bass lake. This body of water will never fail to give you great memory and good number of catch.


Volcano Hiking – Lombok, ID

Are you a daredevil? Do you find beauty in dangerous terrain? If yes, then volcano hiking might be your next big thing. Fly to Indonesia and head to the island of Lombok, it’s near Bali,  to visit the country’s second highest active volcano – Gunung Rinjani. This volcano’s recent eruption occurred in 2016. It takes five hours from campsite to the summit for some pre-sunrise photo op. Along the way, you will meet some challenges like unstable ground, hot gases, and rough terrain.


Scuba Diving – The Bahamas

If you’re so over wading on top of the water or snorkeling on the surface of shallow seas, then maybe it’s time for you to do some upgrade and try exploring the deeper part of the ocean. Scuba diving is a mode of exploring underwater using a self-contained breathing apparatus. One of the best places to explore the deep sea is in the Bahamas. Here you can discover shipwrecks and colorful reefs. In addition, you can also dive in the midst of sharks.



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