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Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

Why travel makes you feel awesome? There are two reasons one is travel and the other is leisure helps us to write the best articles about the travel experience. Travel is like a treasure hunt game which reveals the interesting travel and the mystery hidden with the most beautiful and top 10 travel destinations in the world. Places roll out like bundles of wood logs below:-

  1. San Marino
  2. Georgia
  3. Israel
  4. Turkey
  5. Iceland
  6. Macedonia
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. The Republic of Moldova
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Armenia

The names are very interesting and the detailing will be even more interesting as we take a journey on the bridge by walking on the wood logs where each one will represent a travel destination and gifts the remembrance forever.

Those countries can be categorized among Asia and Europe Continent.

San Marino

Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe. This wood log speaks of nature with mountain and the beautiful sunrise. This capital is surrounded by the wall and three towers. As I have mentioned Mountain, there is one most popular mountain named mount Titano and it is the historic center.

This country has no airport but still, it is one of the top travel destinations and it is ranked no 1.

“A travel in the train is always a remembrance because nature becomes the director”

It’s true in the case of San Marino, there is a beautiful railway station at a place named Rimini.

Any place or country you consider in the world there are border controls but this country has no border controls, does not have driving problems. San Marino has the best bus service, buses are available at regular intervals with some benefits, those are:-

  1. San Marino cuts down services on Sundays and holidays.
  2. Tickets for the buses can be booked in advance or bought from the bus driver.

Car Parking is abundant or plentiful. San Marino has an underground multi-story car parking facility. There won’t be any problem in San Marino if you get your passport stamped with Tourist Information center.


Georgia is the country which intersects Europe and Asia. Even though there is a lot of political influence within the country, we can say that it is one of the best travel destinations in terms of its culture and people.

There are many people who dreamt of Georgia and it was always there in their wish list. It is one of the safest places in the world which gifts happy memories with a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

In that country, the meaning of guest is a gift from God and the hospitality is expressed through cooking. It cannot be valued with money but with humanity.

Georgia can be concluded as a country of humanity and hospitality. Salads are extraordinary and they make it with fresh vegetables


Israel, the country on the Mediterranean sea and located at the middle east. It is called the country of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Israel is a country of settlements and wars.

Israel is most popular for beaches. There are varieties of beaches, some of them are listed below:-

  1. Alma Beach
  2. Tel Aviv and many more

There is a most popular beach house named Brown Beach House. It has a dark atmosphere with a bar of retro theme. And the Interior is decorated with bird cages, vintage candle holders, drink trolleys and vibrant food varieties. It has a fascinating architecture which is listed in the World Heritage Site.


Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

Turkey can be imagined in two different ways food and place. The place is also known as the land of contrasts. This country carries Greek history and is awarded as one of the best destinations by millions of travel lovers.

The actual split of Turkey is “Turn the Key” you will get the treasure, that’s the beauty of Turkey. This place boosts all energy in you with natural beauty which includes mountains, seas, beaches and many more with a mixture of historical monuments and places.

Turkish tea and coffee are most popular and one of the treasures which spread aroma all around.


Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

Can you imagine Iceland as a person? Iceland says “I Create Excitements on Land” Chill guys!!

Iceland is a country which creates excitement by its name in the crowd. Its an adventurous place which makes people express their feelings by being a part of every adventure. Those can be stored in the form of memories.

Some of the adventures are Ice climbing, cycling, Motorized adventure and many more. Iceland is a peaceful nation and a beautiful island which is filled with ice and surrounded by mountains. It is home of largest glaciers. It is a place where we can spend time during Christmas and new year.



Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

Macedonia is one of the countries in Southeast Europe. It is one of the countries which declared independence in the year 1991.

There are beautiful scenery and hidden treasure in the city which has to be unlocked with the right keys. So that all the spots can be visited on time and make a remembrance. There are amazing national parks and mountain ranges which can be explored.

The places which are recognized by UNESCO are listed below:-

Mavrovo National Park

Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

       This place is best suitable for nature lovers. The mountain peak is most adventurous in that place and creates excitement for the people who are mountain climbers. There is a beautiful lake around named as lake Mavrovo, it’s the best place for swimming, sailing, walking, and fishing. There are small hotels and restaurants.

Lake Ohrid

Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

    This is one of the most beautiful and impressive spots in Macedonia. It is well known for its culture and historical background. It is a very old town which consists of orange-roofed homes which have become very popular as a photographic area.


Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

     This place presents the retro effect with the presence of beautiful mosques, churches, and many more notable architectural building.


Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

This place looks very attractive with all events and celebrations which keeps up the energy of the people. Events and celebrations contain all kinds of musical performances and other programs. But it is well known as Trading Center exporting chemicals and machinery.


Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

  This is one of the places which creates the friendliest atmosphere, hence it is well known as a charming village which is popular for bridges and towers.

Pelister National Park

Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

If you want to spend your day walking then this is the best place to visit. It is best suited for nature lovers. There are some attractive spots like resorts, hotels and many more.



Top 10 Travel Destination all over the world

Azerbaijan is surrounded by Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. This country is well known for its art and culture, history, shopping etc. It is the best place for nature lovers.

This place keeps people warm by naming itself as the land of fire. It has an amazing heritage and architecture which consists of natural and historical monuments.

It is also a best place for the people who are excited about nightlife. But along with a lot of enjoyment the people in the nation stand by their custom and traditions. They also have a fine cuisine with the most friendliest environment which can make a remembrance.

The Republic of Maldova

We have gone through the countries that are popular for nature, beautiful monuments and many architectures but this country is a member of WTO or world trade center, commonwealth and European Union. This country is well known for its the Black Sea.


This is the world’s first Christian country. Some areas in Armenia are very risky so people must take precautions. There are a lot of safety and security regulations. Its a center of academic excellence, innovation and many more.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


The wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina are listed below :-

  1. The old bridge
  2. Sutjeska National Park
  3. The Una River
  4. Bosnian Pyramid
  5. Dinaric Alps
  6. Lukomir
  7. Stecci Medival Tombstones

We can discover the hidden treasure in this beautiful country too by exploring beautiful bridges, Landscapes and many more. Bosnian breakfast is the best breakfast with delicious dishes. Landscapes includes beautiful monuments, buildings and more historical buildings.

Like how there are seven wonders for the world. Similarly, there are seven wonders for a country which is a beautiful travel destination and ranked as one of the top 10 travel destination and the most visited places.

Bosnia means “Be Only Someone Near to Interaction but not Attraction” which can become a remembrance.


The world is big and opportunities to explore is unlimited. To find out or hunt for the best travel destinations the detailed has been provided and made a very beautiful journey in imagination. In common all these countries are categorized under European nations even though they hold a background of Greek, roman and many more.

World is a buffet of religion, varieties of food , economy, politics etc. “If we see the globe it is very small but if we see the world it is very big” this thought is best suited for Travel Lovers. Now let us know the hidden meaning of Travel Lovers.

Travel Lovers means “Tale of Roaming Around Very Excitedly with Love along with Lovers.”

It’s very beautiful right , that’s the beauty of travelling and relationship with nature.

When we talk about nature lovers, as we travel there are places with a lot of scenaries, mountains, lakes , rivers and many more adventures come under nature lovers. Let us know the Hidden meaning of  Nature Lovers , it will be more interesting than travel lovers.


Nature Lovers means  Now And Then Understanding and Rejoicing with the most Extreme Lovers. Nature Lovers not only relates to environment but also the relationship between two people during a travel.

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