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Infosys – Making The Perfect Off-Campus Placement Application.

With the pandemic putting a wrench in all plans, it is safe to assume that even our placements seem to have become an uncertainty too. While most companies like Infosys for example are still hiring, the requirements for them have changed. It feels easy to lament about how the world is changing and becoming more cut-throat. But it is not the right path. The right direction would be to stay informed on how exactly companies have changed and what requirements are now.

And then, it is time to change yourself and stay on your A-game. However, there are a lot of companies out there, and each one of them has a completely different set of requirements. It would be wiser to tackle one at a time. And so today, we shall talk about the Indian-international company Infosys. And of course, we shall be talking about how you can secure an off-campus placement there.

About Infosys.

Infosys Limited is an Indian International company; that is, while it has roots in India, it now has a well known global presence. Infosys is not a product or core company, it is more of a consultancy company. Infosys provides business consulting and outsources IT services to all across the globe. It is common knowledge that Infosys operates out of the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. From its yearly hiring capacity, Infosys is regarded as the worldwide leader in next generational digital service and consultancies. They have clients in forty-six countries and are the second-largest Indian IT Company across the globe.

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Criteria For Applications To Infosys.

While the requirements for a job at Infosys ranges from the grassroots to the best you could have, there are some that are mandatory. A common job that is applied for in Infosys is that of an Associate System Engineer. These jobs are mainly based in Bangalore. The company invites applications from interested and eligible candidates who have either B.Tech or M.Tech qualifications. Other candidates who are looking simply for engineering jobs need to have any background from CSE, IT, Electrical or any other core subject’s qualifications. These people are eligible to apply online. Infosys also has an option for fresher jobs where you could have less than a year of experience and still apply.

All eligible applicants are implored to apply online. While most applications for 2020 have closed, you can apply for 2021 as soon as Infosys opens up its recruitments.

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What Is Usually Required For Off-Campus Placements?

Your college’s name carries quite a lot of weight in the interview process of your placements. You could choose to be placed through them, but it is often that many companies you are looking forward to don’t visit your college. In such cases, you could choose to go through with off-campus recruitments. In an off-campus placement, you need to approach the company you are interested in yourself. Most applications simply start by sending a job application to them directly. There are four ways a candidate can apply for an off-campus placement, for the likes of companies like Infosys. They are careers page, job referrals, hiring challenges and through talking to a recruiter.

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Career Pages Of Companies.

Every reputed company, regardless of whether it is IT-based or not, has a website. These webpages have a specific section called the career page. Generally, companies have openings listed. If not they shall have links where you can apply for whichever job they have. They shall after that proceed to inform you whether they have an opening for the job or not. You can find the career page of Infosys’s official website here infosys.com/careers

Search for “careers@replacewithcompanydomain” and “jobs@replacewithcompanydomain” in Google and Gmail and check for the results it obtains. Always cross-check for the right email address, however.

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Job Referrals.

Companies like Infosys get a plethora of applications every day, and the filtration process becomes something that is more swift than specific. To cut down on this process, and to select applicants who actually are capable, companies usually take referrals from their employees. And the advantage that comes with a referral is that usually there are no preliminary tests.

The applicant is almost always bumped up to the main interview. The referral process works the same as how you usually acquire recommendations from your college or an internship. You approach a person working in the company you apply for and share with them your interest. They shall then share your profile with a recruiter, and maybe give a few good words for you. If the job requirements match the skill sets you have listed on your resume, they will contact you.

Do not approach people in the company for referrals if your skillset is very different from what is required for the job. It is not a good look. If you do not know who to get in touch with, Linkedin is a great place to start.

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Hiring Challenges.

Many companies, like Amazon, GE, Infosys, Microsoft host hiring challenges in websites like Hackerank and Codechef. Their format usually follows questions on DSA, coding questions and development concepts. Upon getting a good rank, you may end up getting an interview call from the company hosting the challenge. You can also use that for other jobs you apply to.

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Talk To A Recruiter

Instead of just applying to the Infosys recruiter through a resume, approach them. Call them, email them, or reach out to them through Linkedin. You can find the link to their Linkedin profile here – infosys

Getting an interview for companies like Infosys is not very easy when done off-campus if I am being very honest. Unless you have an impressive resume, there is a better chance for you to apply through your campus. Try to apply during your final semester in April and May. Make sure to strengthen your resume as well as you can. Also, apply for as many companies as you can if you are intent on an off-campus placement. Do not bank only on an Infosys off-campus placement. Watch this video for more tips on approaching a recruiter through popular networking websites like Linkedin.

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