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How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree

A foreign degree is way more than just an academic qualification, it is an experience of a lifetime. When you move to a new country to explore new cultures, new opportunities, a new education system, and a new lifestyle, you grow as a person. Deciding to go for an international degree can be an easy decision given all the benefits that come with the degree. The main challenge is to decide which country to go to for a foreign degree. It should be taken very carefully. You are going to invest your time and money in that country and it will play a critical role in defining your future career. Following are some of the tips that can help you in choosing the right foreign destination for higher studies.

1. List down your essential requirements:

You can narrow down your option countries for your foreign degree by listing your minimum essential requirements. Everyone has some personal preferences or limitations that they cannot overlook. For instance, you only want to go to universities which are in a particular region or to go to a country which is not too far from your home country. You may want to go for only highly ranked universities and location is no bound to you. You may want to go to a country where English is the main official language so it will be easy for you to fit in and so on. Once your list of essential requirement is in place, the selection process will be more effective and fast.

2. Consider the post-study migration rules:

Passport with visa stamps. Travel or turism concept background.

Many students choose to go for higher education in a foreign country to improve their chances of gaining employment in that particular country. If you are one of those students, it is highly important to consider the post-study migration rules while choosing a country. Some countries have better or more welcoming post-study migration rules than the others. For example, from 2021 United Kingdom will be offering 2 years post-study visa to all the international students. In Australia, students who are graduating with a bachelor’s degree or masters by coursework degree are eligible for a two-year post-study work visa. Also, students graduating from a master by research degree and a doctoral degree are eligible for a three-year and four-year post-study visa respectively. These post-study visas provide you time to look for jobs in that country which can also turn into permanent employment with future visa sponsorship by your employers.

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3. Calculate the cost of getting a foreign degree in your desired destination:

How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree
How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree

Getting a foreign education is not cheap, it does cost a lot of money. Most of the students have some budget restrictions when it comes to spending on a foreign degree. Thus, considering the cost of going to one’s desired destination is a must. It includes not just considering the college fee but also the cost of living. Your desired destination may not be the one suiting your budget. Going for your desired country can put you into a severe financial crunch later. In some countries, you may find universities whose tuition fees are not that high. You can easily manage the tuition fee but the cost of living is relatively high. The duration of the course should also be kept in mind while calculating the cost. The longer the course is, the longer you have to spend on staying in that country.

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4. Pay attention to entry requirements:

What is the IELTS exam
How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree

Before finalizing the country where you want to go to for your foreign degree, do take into account the entry requirement. Different countries have different entry requirements. While shortlisting the countries see what are the requirements that you can or can’t fulfill. Some countries may need you to take some language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Others may need you to belong to a particular set of countries like Commonwealth countries. Also, to show a saving fixed amount in your bank account. Try to pick a country whose entry requirements are doable for you. For example, for getting admission to any university in Germany, you have to provide proof of language proficiency. One has to submit the German language test score.

5. Go for university fairs and open days:

How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree
How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree

Knowledge is power. The more information you have about different countries, the more informed decision you will make. Go to as many university fairs as possible before deciding on a country. There you can speak to people representing different universities from different countries. You can clear your all doubts by asking relevant questions. Going to such fairs and open days makes it easy for you to pick a country. Such fairs allow you to interact with various education experts. These experts know way more about the universities and the countries than you do. They can provide you with more personalized information than a regular Google search. The most amazing thing about these kinds of events is that they are open to all with zero entry fee. You can gather unlimited information without spending any money.

6. Analyse scope of your subject in the country you are choosing for the foreign degree:

Based on your subject preference, analyse the scope of that subject in different countries. One country can offer better scope and future opportunities related to one subject than the other. This is often because the field is integral to the country’s lifestyle. For example, if you want to study Agriculture and farming, Universities in New Zealand can work for you. New Zealand universities tend to be stronger in such subjects as it forms a larger part of the country’s lifestyle. Similarly, If you want to study engineering the USA or Japan could be the right pick. If you want to study subjects like arts, music, or theatre, France can offer better opportunities. The UK is highly regarded when it comes to Law because so many legal systems are patented on Britain’s system. Also, research about the job trends and salary scales in your subject related industry.

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