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Remedies make natural hair gel at home..! (Updated)

Grooming yourself is one thing that is in trend and people are practicing it in broad way. Over few years, hair gels are involved in lifestyle of every young guy. This concept is getting popular over the world. Through gels, it is possible to get any look or style easily. However, people also receive a term and condition concept with their hair styling gels. You should the ingredients that your gel is containing and what harm it may cause to your hair. It is very simple to say that hair gels can cause harm to your hairs first. However you don’t need to feel dishearten with this fact because you can make styling gels at home as well

Homemade flax seed hair styling gel.

There are few ingredients important for the preparation of styling gels. You can have a quarter cup of flax seeds along with 1 tablespoonful of aloevera gel and water, 2 cups.

How to prepare your own hair gel?

Initially, soak the flax seeds in water and this should be done for 6-8 hours. You can also try it for overnight. This will enhance the gel yield and will reduce the cooking time. You can use this as an option, add the flaxseeds to boiling water and stir it.

You can take a spoon test to check if the gel is ready or not. If you see that drip id dropping quickly then your mixture needs some more time for cooking. Make sure that you don’t over heat it because it will make your gel very thick and gelatinous. After turning off the heat, mixture should be strained in a bowl to make it cool. After getting it cooled, mix it with aloe vera and it will increase the moisture and therapeutic properties to it.

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 Homemade gelatine hair styling gel

You required Ingredients you will need to make your natural hair styling gel with gelatine 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoonful of unflavoured gelatine to prepare your natural styling gel of gelatine.

How to prepare the gel

Boil water at normal temperature of boiling point and pour it in a jar. Then, mix a tablespoonful of unfavoured gelatine into it. The reason behind this is that it contains sugar and dye which is not supposed good for your hairs. You can add fragrance to it as well. Cover the jar with a lid after stirring it for few minutes.

You need to keep the mixture in a refrigerator for next couple of hours. This is will help in providing it a proper set.


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