Which are the most popular cricket leagues in India?

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The most watched and popular sport in India is Cricket. Britishers brought cricket in India during their colonial rule. Check about the overview of cricket betting sites in India. The Parsi community has started the first cricket club in Bombay named as Oriental Cricket Club. Since then, the popularity of cricket has increased in the country, and it became the most popular sport in India. Cricket exists in the heart of Indians. The Indian cricket fans love not only international tournaments, but even they put their interest in the domestic leagues also. Many of the local cricket leagues are popular in India. We have listed the top 5 leagues of Indian cricket that loves by the cricket fans.

  • Indian Premier League: – No doubt to rank IPL in the first position. The popularity and fan following of IPL are not only in India; it is the biggest cricket league in the world. The association was started in the year 2008 after the first world t20 world cup tournament won by India. IPL revolutionized not only cricket but also the sports industry of India. The total worth of IPL is $4.16 billion. It provides the youngest players to play and learn with the most popular cricketers of the whole world. Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are the two successful teams of IPL. Mahendra Singh Dhoni leading the Chennai team and has won the IPL trophy three times.
  • RANJHI TROPHY: – The tournament named after the prince of Nawanagar, Ranjitsinhji in the year 1934-35. Currently, 37 teams are representing their regional and state cricket association in this league. Since the tournament started, it got many changes in format. The league was launched as the zonal competition and changed to a two-tier league. The 37 teams of the tournament gas separated into elite groups named as group A, B, C, and plate group. Each group has nine teams; only the C group has ten teams. Mumbai team is the most successful team with 15 consecutive victories. Ranjhi Trophy league is one of the best options for BCCI to select the new players for international matches of the Indian cricket team.
  • Deodhar Trophy: – The tournament was named after the Grand Old Man of the Indian Cricket team, Dinkar Balwant Deodhar, and it was introduced in 1973-74 season. A listed match was started as the zonal tournament. The north zone team is the most successful team with 13 victories, and the 46th edition of the match is going to start. Most of the players of Indian cricket teams are selected from this tournament. BCCI always keep an eye on this tournament to pick the best player for international matches.  
  • Duleep Trophy: – The first-class domestic cricket league was named after the Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar and contested by the teams who represent their geographical zones. The tournament has got few changes recently in the year 2015-16. Now the BCCI selects the players to play in the tournament for three teams includes India red, India blue, and India green. The format of the tournament also shifts from knockout to tri-series will precede under floodlights. Dinesh Kartik has led the India red team in the year 2017-18 and won the trophy of this tournament.
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy: – The tournament follows the Duleep award was named after the great Indian batsman Vijay Hazare. The league was started in 2002-03. In the 2004-05 season the league started to follow a full final series, including semi-finals and final match. Tamil Naidu is the most successful team with five victories, and the last winning team was the Karnataka team led by Karun Nair. In the next season, 28 different teams will go to play 160 matches of the league. 

Conclusion:- Here are the top 5 cricket leagues of India. BCCI organize these all leagues and select the best players for international matches. Many of the famous Indian cricketers have started their careers by playing these domestic cricket leagues. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar,  Saurav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag are some famous faces of the Indian cricket team that started the journey from domestic cricket leagues.  

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