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Farewell, my beloved bugger

Blue-green eyes of a forlorn man,

distraught with grief and far beyond,

Aching tears welled in his eyes,

fell on his boots without a second thought,

brown and (slightly) speckled were they,

an alarming expression clouded his face,

death shrouded his beautiful and endearing creature

its lifeless form lay on his lap,

shredding his sanity bit by bit,

he came undone as he grasped it,

bent, broken, fallen was his posture,

and mind but still filled with his baby’s rants,


‘That mischievous and rebellious little thief’, he thought,

A little smile crept up on his quivering lips,

As he reminisced the good old days with his little buddy,

And shuddered the next second, violently,

He spat at fate, for being so cruel,

For taking away his beloved child,

His sweet furry beast, who did no one harm,

Who only sought to be a cute being,

Loved by his friends, as he did nothing but claim him,

To be his son,

Such was his bond with the creature,

Who died a painful death!

Mom’s here, mom’s here!’, He could coo over his baby,

Like a lost child in a crowd, the creature would pounce,

On its owner, its father, it’s everything,

It was his only solace amidst the world full of traitors,

Who want nothing more than to hurt him,

Use him and maim his innocent heart and soul,


It was time to bid farewell, to the little bugger,

Say the last prayer of hope,

Keep a sliver of faith glued to his heart,

He is moving onto a better place,

A peaceful and welcoming arena,

Only for an exquisite creature

like his baby, he thought with agitation,

He swallowed the pill of acceptance,

Dug a small grave for its tiny body,

Religiously rested it in the small space,

Shovelled it shut and said a silent goodbye.



Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.


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