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11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

Glass has its own beauty. It can make a building beautiful as well as it can reflect all your secrets. Hope you get what I mean. Jokes apart.. It gives us a peace while we think a small glass can look so beautiful. Can you imagine how would it look when so many glasses merge to make a building? Heavenly feeling, right? Yeah Glass buildings are absolute pleasure to watch. So want to have a look of some of this beautiful creation??  You would surely start hating your own house after seeing them.. Just kidding

1.National Grand Theater of China 11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

Ever seen more beautiful building than this? I guess no. this is NCPA, Beijing. This building is in a dome shape and is made up of titanium-accented glass and the whole building is surrounded by a human made lake which gives a special effect to the glass. The building almost took 6 long years to be completed and cost around 3.2 yauns. Seems very expensive right but the beauty of this building is more valuable than that.

2.Dancing house Prague11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

No wonder why this building is named like this. In this building, it is covered with glass till the half height and is supported by curved pillars. This building was originally named as fred and ginger(dancers) but this name is rarely used now. This building has such a great impact that this buildings picture is  featured on a gold 2,000 Czech koruna coin issued by the Czech National Bank. Can you imagine that??

3.30 St Mary Axe, London11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

This building is a complete example of contemporary architecture of London. This building is basically a skyscraper of 41 floors. It took almost about 2 yrs to be completed and after it is done, its beauty has attracted many customers to its bars and restaurant.

4.Louvre Pyramid, Paris11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

This looks typically like a pyramid, but glasses are placed in place of sands. That makes this building utterly beautiful and amazing. Basically this building is a museum and the whole building is designed with 603 rhombus shaped and 70 triangular glass segments. It doesn’t matter whether you visit any other museum or not but I surely suggest this museum is a hell lot of beauty.

5.Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

Ever seen this kind of beauty? No I guess. This building is in Netherlands and this building has stores, museum, office, client reception and services. We don’t need to describe this building because the award won by the building says it all. Yeah this building has won 5 awards including Golden pyramid award in 2008 and Dutch concrete award in 2008. The total cost of the building was € 40,000,000.

6.Hotel W, Barcelona

Standing beside the sea, this glass building is damn beautiful. This hotel is designed by architect Ricardo Bofill and seriously hats off to this creation. The hotel not only gives a mesmerizing glass building but also you  can enjoy  large sea views and natural light, and reflective glass facade mixed object and context.

7.Basque Health Department Headquarters, Bilbao

11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

“Wait.. What structure is does this building represents?” this is the 1st question that comes to the mind of every people those who get a glimpse of this awesomely designed building. This building is basically a seven floor office with 3 floors employee parking and meeting room at the top. Who wont desire to crack deals in such a beautiful building? This architecture represents the dynamic nature of the city.

8.Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

As the name suggests, this building is a technical workshop present in Japan. While the transparent enclosure exposes everything inside, the delicate steel columns defines scattered oases of open space.  This building is designed in such a way that the exterior walls are of this glass and interior cluster of slender white columns. This building is an absolute pleasure to watch.

9.The Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Brazil11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

With being a botanical garden, this building also represents the style of French gardens. This garden has the fourth largest herbarium in the country. With a beautiful glass structure, there is a pond in front of the garden full with crabs to give a special effect. Keeping a green house in mind, this building’s is designed like that.

10.The Aldar Headquarters11 Amazing Glass Buildings In The World

This building is amazing and unique too. It is the 1st circular building in the Middle East. This building has won “Best Futuristic Design” by The Building Exchange (BEX) Conference held in Spain’. This building has a scientific significance too. The circle represents the extents of golden ratio.

11.The Sage

The wave like designed building, is architect by Foster and Partners. This place id for performing arts, music, education etc. you can imagine the peaceful and immense feeling you will get when you visit, rather perform at this place. So amazing it is.



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