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Social Media Trends 2023

This pandemic outbreak of Covid 19 has definitely brought a lot of changes in our lives. Starting from social distancing to work-from-home schedules, zoom, google meetups have become a part and parcel of our life. Apart from these, there are other things too that is keeping us busy. When people around the globe are just chilling out in the comforts of their homes, new social media trends are flooding over the internet. From having a sip of dalgona coffee to guessing the gibberish and a lots more are really making our staying-at-home entertaining. So let’s have a quick tour of it?

BINOD- The new Social Media Trend These Days ?

Guys while surfing social media these days you might have come across the name Binod ?? Multiple questions might have arisen in your mind who the hell is this guy? Why is everyone so much into Binod?? Already we are dealing with a lot of stress due to Covid- 19  these days, so let me not hold a lot of suspense and explain you what actually this Binod is?

You might be amazed to know or knowing that on 7th August’2020  even Paytm which is considered as one of India’s largest online payment platforms changed the name of its Twitter account to ‘Binod’. ‘Binod’ has been trending on social media platforms like Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube and what not from the past few weeks.

So basically it all started when Abhyudaya and Gautami who are the YouTubers of their channel Slayy Point posted a funny video on their channel where they were looking after the comments section of their videos. In the video named “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”, the YouTuber noted that a user named Binod Tharu posted his first name as a comment and they were really stacked to see it. The video was narrated very funnily and they were really confused to know how come someone type his own name as the comment even after watching a whole video.

So that’s the whole story and Binod is rocking on the wheels in the comment section of every social media post and even in WhatsApp chats.  Every netizen is posting updates remembering the updates on Mr. Binod. Isn’t that sound crazy guys?

Social Media Trends
Paytm changed its name to Binod on twitter. Uploaded by Guwahati times

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#DALGONACOFFEE – The most recent Social Media Trend

Well if you are seeing this term and smiling that means even you have tried right? Yeah truly speaking even I tried making it and to god’s grace mine was fantastic. I am sharing a pic of it as well. I even searched this term over google trends and found it to be one of the most trending term from the month of May of course after the great coronavirus. Instagram, facebook, twitter not even a single platform is left to have a sip of the very famous dalgona coffee. It all just began with a Tiktok trend and eventually exploded all over the internet sites as the It-Drink of the moment.

Recipe for dalgona coffee

  1. Mix sugar, coffee, and a teaspoon of warm water in a bowl. You can use a hand mixer or a whisk and vigorously mix it until the mixture turns to be smooth and shiny one and then continue whisking until it thickens to form a lofty, foamy shape.
  2. If you are whisking by hand, it will take around 8 to 12 minutes to reach to the optimal fluffiness.
  3. After the mix is done, take a glass full with ice and milk, and then put some whipped coffee mixture on top and serve. You can even mix it before drinking, if desired.
Social Media Trends 2023
Deepshika Das photography
Social Media Trends 2023
Deepshika Das photography

Online Bingo Is new Social Media Trend setter

Have you ever played the online “Bingo Challenge” on Instagram? Yeah it might sound cliche but I’m sure you must have at least thought about it once.. So basically, you choose a Bingo Challenge template to fill in everything you have done or  have not done usually at a particular stage of your lives. If you are thinking oftaking up a bingo challenge there’s thousands of them available online!

Social Media Trends 2023
Instagram story templates

Then you post this on your Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp stories after tick the ones you’ve done. Whoever gets the perfect score wins! Bingo cards gives us a slice of nostalgia and a bond of togetherness with our near and dear ones.

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#GuessTheGibberish Challenge – Social Media Trend

Social Media Trends 2023
Uploaded by: Krazy Bollywood, Apr 29, 2020

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you must have come across stories from your friends with a new filter that is the ‘Guess the Gibberish’ challenge. For those who don’t know about it, it’s an of course Instagram Story filter that shows randomly generated strings of words for a few seconds. The words are crazy and make no sense at all. In around 10 seconds, you have to figure out the correct and sensible phrase from this. Once the time limit is up, the card itself shows the correct phrase answer to you. It’s pretty easy though and that’s what has made it immensely popular.. But first, save the ‘Gibberish filter’ on story section of Instagram. If you are getting bored at home right now and want to be a part of it, then just go on pal!

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#TagYourQueens or #ChallengeAccepted

There is never too late my girls  to pose and burn up your social media feed. Its time for some Girl Love on social media. #TagYourQueens or #ChallengeAccepted is an Instagram tag challenge for the empowerment and encouraging women to share black and white selfies and photographs of themselves in their respective Instagram handle.

The campaign became originally viral in the social media back in 2016 for spreading positivity to tackle cancer and for spreading cancer awareness.

Social Media Trends 2023
instagram #challengeaccepted. Uploaded by Kapwing


It was really impressive this lockdown seeing girls taking their make up to the next level. Well I am talking about the talk of the town, the new ‘pass the brush’ trend. It is basically a challenge from Tiktok which flourished over all the social media sites.

In the ‘pass the brush’ challenge, a TikToker had to get a makeup brush and initially they started the video with a no makeup or you can say a natural look and then glam up after momentarily covering the phone camera with the makeup brush itself. Then, they had to pass on the brush to the next makeup friend, who goes through the same process. These video clips are later on compiled into one video to show the flawless transitions. It’s fantastic to see all these beauty experts come together!

Social Media Trends 2023
Tiktok’s #Passthebrushchallenge. Uploaded by Popsugar

So, guys, these were some of the glimpses of the latest thrilling social media trends over the internet these days which somehow added some spice to the extra tingle of entertainment during this lockdown. Keep trying up for some more! Have fun.

Dr Dipshikha Das loves to create magic through her words. The perfect blend of a keen researcher, dentist, blogger and a content writer. Currently a postgraduate student in the speciality of public health dentistry, she believes that to create a spark amongst us pouring your heart out through writing can definitely make a great impact.


  1. Amazing.. well explained… Yes these viral trends indeed really helped people in reducing the stressful pandamic situation.

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