Do Certain Foods Are Triggering Off Your Anxiety? Find out here!

Well, if you are among those who have this tendency of stressing out every once in a while, then here is what you must have a look at. Emotions do influence what you consume, but do you know your diet as well is symmetrical with your mental health. So, there exist some foods that are deteriorating your depression and anxiety. It’s time to break over your anxiety by having a check on what’s on your plate. Yes! You heard that right. It’s all in your hand to pick an option between feeling worse or feeling more stable. And guess what, you could initiate this by making elementary and effortless food choices. Whether you are officially diagnosed with this thing, or you are just standing between the line of being anxious or depressed, doesn’t matter much. This will significantly scale you down if not being contemplated from all appearances. 

Though it is quite agreeable that there are various realistic causes of anxiety, among all the food you are having does play a vital role. From increasing the depth of anxiousness, frequency, to the stretch of the outbreak of depression. So, what should be your next move? Well, check on your diet and then bit by bit eliminate the foods that are contributing to your condition. Keep on reading to know about the 10 worst foods that are in immediate attention to get kicked off from your plate.


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Blown-away, open-mouthed? Huh! You might be thinking that alcohol unwinds and decompresses my mind, then how could this rank first in the list. Or Am I wrong? Well, that can’t be true, right?

Alcohol acts as a tranquilizer and more distinctively pushes down the working of the central nervous system. And if you might be knowing that the central nervous system possesses our emotional thoughts. So, this beverage, which is admired to give a calm side to your anxiety is actually the one making it worse. It may seem that alcohol consumption relaxes your nerves but on the contrary, it’s having a damaging effect on your body hydration content. And how I can’t mention your sleep cycle. These two alter effects are pretty much capable of multiplying your anxiety symptoms. So, alcohol mutates the levels of serotonin and the neurotransmitters in the brain, which is the foremost cause of provoking your anxiety. And at the end when your relaxing feelings gradually wear off, you are about to feel more depressed and anxious.

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Added Sugar

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Yup, the fact is true that it is nearly impossible to avoid this refined sweet 100 percent. As it’s predominantly present in the majority that we eat. But, if you’re utterly struggling with your anxious feelings, then it’s time that you completely cut yourself from having refined sugar. So, you need to take off this contributor of your overall anxiety from your plate. Let’s dive into the chemistry behind this restriction, what say?

Added or refined sugars cause your blood sugar levels to attain a height of spikes and crashes with it. This significantly varies your energy levels. The issue creates where your energy levels take a free-fall and your mood curdles with your anxiety levels shooting up. With increasing levels of blood sugar, your body induces insulin to aid in absorbing the excess glucose. With that counterbalance the same. Though this sugar rush makes your body work a bit hard to contemplate it to a normal steady-state. Thus, prevailing on the peaks and valleys. Having refined sugar in large amounts can trigger feelings of stress, sadness, and crankiness.

Well, you don’t need to stress yourself cutting down on added sugar completely. There are natural sweeteners such as erythritol, stevia, and yacon syrup. These can be used as primitive substitutes for your sweet purposes. With that, you can stuff your plate with fruit and sweet vegetables that will definitely meet up your sugar cravings. 

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In amazement, Right? Well, this might be your favorite morning ritual to sip on that scorching cup of coffee. But you need to know that this habit of yours is doing more harm than good, explicitly when it comes to anxiety. So, the science behind this is that high levels of caffeine contribute to the reduction of the serotonin hormone in the body which is substantially reliable for all your happy moods. While suppressing your good feelings you’re remarkably provoking sad, depressing thoughts. And here is where your anxiety and depression get a spike off. Despite that, the thing which should be marked is the caffeine intake daily. As caffeine is routinely safe in low doses, and as per FDA, you may consume 400 milligrams of caffeine daily without being caught of the negative consequences.

However, if you are vigorously struggling with anxiety and depressed feelings then you must give a shot to substitute your caffeine intake. You may try your hands on herbal teas, such as lavender, peppermint, or lemon, which will not only give you that appeasing, restful feeling but will also proffer you with essential antioxidants.

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Dairy Products

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Dairy that includes cheese, milk from cows or goats, cottage cheese, curd, butter should be gradually taken off from your diet if you are facing the symptoms of anxiety. Yup, we are well aware that dairy products contain many paramount nutrients including calcium, protein, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. But, the saturated fat present in full-fat milk and its constituents may serve towards deteriorating the prevailing inflammation in the body. Though some temporary inflammation safeguards your body from minor infections. But if it sticks around for a prolonged period, then it might be something to worry about. And thus an infuriated gut is equivalent to your anxiety getting wretched.

On top of that, nowadays dairy is adulterated with loads of hormones and antibiotics. This in turn causes hormonal imbalance in your body. Well, you may be switched to organic vegan options like plant or nut-based alternatives which are barricaded with calcium and vitamin D.

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Well, it might be surprising for you to know this, but a gluten diet can also be one that might be resultantly provoking anxiety by affecting your gut health. Suspecting how it works? So, the intestinal wall acts as a receptionist that is regulating what will pass through the bloodstream and what not. Basically, there are tiny gaps between the cells in the small intestine, known as tight junctions. Now, when these are being stirred up, damaged, or become too loose, results in a dripping gut. With that, your body is exposed to inflammation, which significantly reduces the yielding of the happy serotonin hormone in your gut. Guess what’s next? Your anxiety is being whipped up once again! 

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