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What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

As the owner of a furry friend, you have a set of responsibilities that you must tend to. You must show your dog love, feed them, bathe them, and most importantly train them. Dogs are gentle creatures by nature; however, some animals can experience traumatic events that leave them scarred for life.

If your dog exhibits some sort of aggression, be it to other animals or humans, it’s important to take care of this problem. The last thing you want is a nasty injury on your hands. A serious dog bite could cause legal complications and you could even put the life of your pet in jeopardy.

This is why it’s super important to know what steps are necessary to take when your dog bites someone. Here’s what you should do…

Stay Calm

Dogs are very intuitive animals, and they can sense what their owner is feeling. You may feel shaken up, however, if you want to regain control of the situation, it’s important that you remain calm. Don’t try to separate your dog from a fight with your own arm, this could cause your dog to bite you by mistake. Instead, use a leash or your leg to separate the dog and

use sound to get your dog’s attention. Refrain from overreacting, your dog could feed off your energy and this would make the situation worse

Separate the Dog from The Area

No matter where you are, whether you’re at a park or at home, it’s important that you separate your dog from the area. If you can keep it in a confined space such as your car or a crate, this can help the dog focus its energy on keeping calm.

Help The Victim Wash the Wound

Depending on the severity of the wound, you should either call an ambulance immediately and seek medical attention, or help the victim get to safety and wash their wound. Use warm soapy water and gently press on the bite mark to help flush out the germs. If it’s bleeding profusely, make sure to use a clean cloth and press down to stop the bleeding.  

Be Sympathetic to The Bite Victim

A dog bite can be severely traumatic for all parties involved. You inadvertently have an emotional connection to your dog, however, you must show sympathy to the bite victim who is in pain. You don’t have to admit that the bite was your dog’s fault, however, you should refrain from acting defensive or blaming the victim.

Exchange Contact Information

No matter what, it’s important to be cordial during these situations. If things happen quickly and the parties involved have to leave the scene of the accident, make sure that you exchange contact information before you go. This includes information such as your full name, telephone number, address, and even e-mail.

Speak to Any Possible Witnesses

If you think that your dog wasn’t truly at fault, it’s always worth getting the opinion of possible witnesses. Look and see if there were any passer-byers or perhaps even CCTV that caught some footage. If your case does end up going to court, you can use the statements to support your case. Don’t forget to record what they have to say and exchange contact information with all witnesses. 

Contact a Specialised Lawyer

When a serious dog injury occurs, it’s always best to speak to a team of professionals such as Lamber Goodnow. They can help advise you on what steps to take if the victim decides to take legal action against you and your dog. You’re personally responsible for the damage your dog does, so it’s best to get informed about your rights if an accident does occur.

Get Your Dog’s Medical Records

Another important step is contacting your veterinarian and getting a copy of your dog’s medical records. This will help you ease the victim’s mind by showing them that your dog has all of its vaccines and treatments up to date.

Dogs are not gifts; they are animals with thoughts and feelings. You should never take on the responsibility of a dog if you are not ready to take care of it properly. Taking proper care of your dog involves making sure that it feels safe and calm at all times. If you have a dog that can do some serious harm, it’s imperative that you train your pet. Don’t let a split second of aggression cause an accident that could alter the life of your dog.

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