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Did you habitually feel heavy-eyed or yawny after having that rich meal? Or if framed in much simpler words, are you among those who often feel sleepy after having your meals? And if that being the case, then you must head over through this article for one single time. As the article predominantly outlines the potential reasons for why you routinely have a sleepy urge after meals. Even shared a few effective tips or you might think of as some beneficial ways to thwart this kinda ambiance.

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In a mess keeping your eyes open and struggling to complete the assignment after that 1:30 P.M. lunch! Or feeling lethargic, sluggish, and yawning now and then? Have you ever brainstormed what can be the probable reasons why you off-times feel this way? And if this happens to you over and time again, then you should know the drivers or causes behind this post-meal sleepy feeling. Well, certainly this dozy, heavy feeling after lunch is interlinked with a few phenomena which take place in your body after you have that rich brunch. Especially, if the meal that you have eaten is jam-packed with heavy crabs. 

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Although surviving an afternoon nap is a very normal practice in India most probably familiar in the Eastern states. Do you know that the heavier your meal, the greater will be the spike in your insulin levels? Yup, if said in mathematical terms, your insulin levels are directly proportional to the abundance of what you eat. The fact is that everything you eat or intake, your pancreas triggers insulin to monitor and oversee the blood sugar levels. 

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Here’re a few probable driving forces and the tips to forfend that sleepy feeling after meals

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The feeling of being sleepy, somnolent, and tired after meals can be characterized by the term postprandial somnolence. Isn’t that quite a bulky term to be consociated with! Well, here’re some of the potential causes or justifications and tips to avoid this routine urge to sleep after having meals.

The hour of your meal

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Yes, the routine timings of your meals throughout the day plays a crucial role in your after-meal feelings. You will be quite dumbstruck to know the subsequent fact. As per some proficients, we urge to have a customary habitual dunk in our energy levels twice a day. Once at 2 A.M. and the next one at 2 P.M. And so, if your usual scheduled lunch break regulates around 12:30 P.M. to 1:30 P.M., then you tend to have a greater chance of feeling sleepy by the time it knocks 2. This is mainly triggered by your lower energy levels at that time.

In addition to that, after you have a heavy meal your body gets much more operational on digesting that meal than the rest of the ongoing processes. Well, taking a short nap after meals may not be a bad way out; rather it would allow your body to assimilate the food in a better manner. Lamentably, the majority of us have to be accompanied by work and you must not want to be captured drifting off. Right?

The ultimate quick fix

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First of all, try to get at least a proper 7 hours of sleep at night. In this way even if you feel a bit lethargic or dozy at around 2 in the afternoon, you won’t feel much sleepy. Your body will interpret in the henceforth manner. Since you have gotten enough sleep last night, thereafter you have already accomplished a good sleep cycle. However, you might be wondering what could be the best way to get rid of tiredness and that drench of 2 PM. Well, when it comes to being lethargic or sluggish thought-out, you can have some refreshing afternoon drink to energize yourself. What about a glass of lemon juice or even plain water? Like that, numerous healthy alternatives are out there which will significantly help you to replenish your energy levels.

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What you intake actually prospects

They said ‘We are what we eat’. Well, this phrase is certainly true. The type of food you have affects your insulin levels as well as your overall after-food processes. Driving straight into the point in a succeeding manner. If you are eating meals that predominantly aid to produce serotonin, then you might have found yourself a bit sleepy after that afternoon meal. 

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Well, you might be thinking that what’s this new term is? Serotonin can be characterized as a chemical that is primarily responsible for monitoring your sleep cycle and mood. Here’re certain foods that prompt your body to instigate more serotonin and hence sum up to build a sleepy feeling. Foods that are packed with carbs and rich in proteins including eggs, meat, fish, rice, bread, pasta, and dairy products. Proteins contain amino acids and one of which comprises tryptophan. Here the tryptophan provokes your body to generate more serotonin and the carbs there are helping your body to absorb more tryptophan.

But the reality is that there’s no way to escape these protein and carb-rich food sources. As such foods are very important sources of protein and carbs that are vital for humans.  And all that they want to do is exasperate your body to rest while it imbibes the vital supplements it requires to function productively. 

However, taking a nap might not be the solution for you if you’re already preoccupied with your work. Well, what’s the next trick that you can opt for?

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Here’s the subsequent solution

Wanna know the possible solution for this? Believe it or not, it can be a clap if you’re able to incorporate the next habit of having your meals in your day-to-day scheduled lifestyle. Instead of eating full meals particularly the three routined times a day, you should opt to divide them roughly into five or six balanced fragments.

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How come this thing has a connection with lowering the intake of tryptophan? As having balanced five-six meals during a day, you won’t be consuming enough tryptophan or carbs that are mainly responsible for regulating your mood or your sleep cycle. Rather it will enable you to be more productive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, till now you may have understood that skipping meals is probably not the ultimate option as you may end up causing much more suffering to your digestive system. Before you regret this later in the future, try to always have a proper breakfast, as it’s the most essential meal of the day. Hope you’re now able to address practically how can you overpower the sleepy feeling after having your meal. Well, there’re a few more points that you might want to evaluate. Well, stay tuned then!

The portion of your one-time meal

You may have observed that the sleepy, dull feeling relatively multiplies if you’ve eaten a full packed rich food during your lunch break. Just like elaborated in the earlier points, the more portion of food you eat at a time that is mainly loaded with carbs and tryptophan in the form of proteins. The more often you feel sleepy after meals. And so the portion of the meal you’re having plays a crucial role in this along with the sleep hours you got the night before.

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In addition to that, if you’re already accompanied by high blood sugar levels, then you would likely feel more sleepy as compared. Larger portions of food in the afternoon predominately trigger the rise in your blood sugar levels. This in turn precipitates to soak the energy flow of your body. Summarizing, you have prepared the perfect recipe for your afternoon nap if you have a lunch jam-packed with a quite big portion of carbs and proteins. So, what can you do next?

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What to do now, the bottommost tricks

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Over and over again, even specialists recommend that you should never try to compromise with your sleeping hours at night. As if you haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before, there’s a quite good possibility that you will feel sleepy, inactive, dozy, and tired the next day. And that sleepy urge will only multiply after you have had your lunch. The next trick you should accommodate to avoid that sleepy feeling is that you can opt for a short walk just after having your lunch. This can subsequently work for you. Since your body is now incorporated with physical activity, this would promote your body to digest the food without sculpting the sleeping eruption within you. And hence you will be back to work feeling more energetic, fresh, and productive.

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Besides that, if sleeping is the ultimate urge you’re struggling with, then here’s another trick you may wanna try once. You can take a short power nap of 20-25 mins during the day after having your lunch. It will rather make you feel more focussed and active when you’re back to work. A power nap can help increase your productivity for the rest of the day. Sounds great right! 

Well, sleeping is a very important part of your everyday routine. Specifically, when you have to be more productive and active for around 12-15 hours throughout the day along with staying conscious. And hence a good 7-8 hours of sleeping at night can help you to tackle the sleepy feeling after meals. And of course, you need to consider the rest of the tips and tricks following your sleeping hours.

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